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Charlie Gore: Rising artist with great potential

Posted by will12 on May 16, 2011

Charlie Gore’s first album “Everything We Need”

In the past month or two, I have become very interested in a new musical artist, Austin native Charlie Gore. My friends have greatly enjoyed his music, and their interest encouraged me to look into Charlie’s music. I have seen him perform twice, and each performance was very good. Charlie has excellent guitar playing skills, accompanied by a talented voice to deliver his lyrics.

Charlie Gore performing Live

Charlie Gore graduated from McCallum Highschool, and then attened the University of Texas A&M. Charlie graduated from A&M and is now writing and performing in many venues around Texas. Charlie performs his own original songs, as well as covers that he has cleverly composed. Some of these covers include Usher’s “Dj Got Us Fallin In Love Again”, T-Swift songs, Bieber’s “Baby”, and a funny yet awesome cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (this version is actually good and totally ipod worthy). Charlie’s original productions show his potential to grow into a very popular artist. His songs range from a sorrowful tone to a happy and simply feeling good tone. he has produced one album titled “Everything We Need”, and he is currently working on his second album which ought to be finished in a few months. Not only is Charlie a very talented artist, but he is also just a cool guy to be around and to socialize with. If you attend one of his performances, this will be noticeable pretty quick. He will involve you in the performance with stories, audience choruses, and laughs from funny moments. Charlie knows that he is performing for a crowd, and he works hard to satisfy and please his audience. His fan base is growing, and the number of gigs he is performing is rising. This summer Charlie will be playing all over, so add him on Facebook, twitter, or Myspace to keep up with him and his music.

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Acoustic Guitar Masters

Posted by will12 on March 17, 2011

If you enjoy acoustic guitars of any sort, CHECK THIS OUT

As our class enters a music phase, I thought I would provide a post about several musicians who play exquisite acoustic guitar. These 3 artists are Peppino D’Agostino, Andy McKee, and Eric Johnson. There are certainly many other fabulous acoustic guitar players out there. I chose these 3 because I saw them perform a benefit concert for the Boys and Girls Club of Bastrop on January 27, 2011. They have been travelling together as part of a tour called An Evening with the Guitar Masters. These guys are flat out amazing. They made sounds that one would never expect to hear out out a hollow piece of wood with 6 tightened strings. These men all have a different style and sound to their incredible playing. Read the rest of this entry »

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