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Women’s Lacrosse

Posted by tmnievex on February 21, 2011

We all hear of the brutal awesomeness of Men’s Lacrosse, originally played by the first Native Americans as early as the 12th century A.D., but the not-so-brutal awesomeness of Women’s Lacrosse was actually seen first at a Scottish school in 1890 – it has since spread largely to Canada and the Eastern Coast of the United States, and is still a work in progress, but is spreading unbelievably rapidly.  In the United States an NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship is held each spring. Internationally women’s lacrosse has a thirty-one member group called the Federation of International Lacrosse which sponsors the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup once every four years.

The Anderson Trojans, part of an inner-city high school, in fact combines with the McCallum Knights to form the KniTros Lacrosse Team, which is indeed uncommon to have for an urban Texas school (unlike Cedar Park or Westlake). Thus, the team unfortunately receives no funding from the district, and inexplicably goes unheard of to the minds of many walking the Anderson halls. The KniTros played their first Conference match last Wednesday, beating  Leander in a huge 17-7 blow.

Women’s lacrosse at the High School and Collegiate levels continues to spread at a rapid rate:

Big changes were introduced for the High School Showcase in 2010 as the event added a girls component and both the boys and girls events were included in the ESPN Rise Games at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The event, held over six days in July, featured over 170 of the finest boys and girls players in the nation competing on four regional teams.

In addition to those two events, some high school players may also be eligible for US Lacrosse U15 National Championship.

Read more about it on the Nationally-oriented US Lacrosse website.

The rules of Women’s Lacrosse differ so greatly from those of Men’s Lacrosse (also check out box lacrosse and intercrosse to get the full spectrum of the sport), that the two are almost completely different sports. The biggest differences exist in Women’s Lacrosse being a non-contact sport, while Men’s is the opposite – hence, the women wear only a mouth guard and facial goggles for protection, whereas the Men’s uniform strongly resembles that of a football player.

Because Women’s lacrosse is a non-contact sport (as opposed to soccer, basketball, etc.), there are about a million rules. One could look at this as the game being stopped constantly for reasons that no one understands, or that the game requires intense, constant strategy. Women on the lacrosse field are always thinking while almost always moving, something I believe contributes to the sport’s greatness.

Watch the Northwestern Wildcats play in their 2009 Winning Championship Match:

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Judge Rules Against Health Care Reform

Posted by tmnievex on December 14, 2010

Obama’s new historical health care bill hit it’s first major road hump Monday when U.S. Federal Judge in a the district of Virginia, Henry E. Hudson, ruled against a key part of the new  bill – the requirement that everybody must buy health insurance by the year 2014. With this inclusion in the bill, he declares the whole thing unconstitutional, and the case will likely reach the Supreme Court (wowza!).  Read the rest of this entry »

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A Foreign Film Festival!

Posted by tmnievex on December 13, 2010

A usted le gustan las peliculas extranjeras? I ask in Spanish because I’m a tad obsessed with the language, and further, movies in Spanish. But it’s not just the language and culture that I find fascinating; a great deal of the following films really capture the essence of Latin America in context. They perfectly contextualize whatever aspect most relevant to the plot; in the following festival, you will taste what it’s like to be a modern-day Honduran delving into the daunting process of illegal immigration to the United States, what it’s like to be an innocent prospective photographer in the most gang-oriented neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s, and maybe even what it’s like growing up in your own fantastical world while actually living in the fascist Spain of 1944 – that is, granted you watch Sin Nombre, City of God, and Pan’s Labyrinth, respectively. Read the rest of this entry »

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Condoms with Teeth

Posted by tmnievex on November 7, 2010

A new phenomenon to help prevent rape in South Africa: ingenious, or just plain freaky?

The condom that will save lives?

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers shows a spiked female condom, whose hooks she says stick on a man during rape

Perhaps the most horrific statistic in modern-day South Africa is that one in two women are likely to get raped. Upon treating a female rape victim 40 years ago, South African medical researcher Sonnet Ehlers got the idea for the “Rape-aXe,” more commonly known as “The Condom with Teeth” from the victim who said she wished she had “teeth down there”.

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