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Is Anything Original Anymore?

Posted by TK on January 23, 2011

Right there was one of my favorite movie moments of all time. It seems so simple: do something original, something that no one has ever done before. So why does it seems like everything has been done before? That everything is being copied and there are no more original moments out there?

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Into The Woods Festival

Posted by TK on December 12, 2010

This festival would feature new upcoming artists and also some pretty mainstream bands. It would be outside of a city, in the middle of a redwood forest, so everyone is surrounded by gorgeous, giant trees while they listen to music.

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America Overmedicated?

Posted by TK on December 11, 2010

Headache? Sleepy? Feeling down? Never fear, drugs are here!

These days it seems like there are more and more prescription drugs everywhere claiming to treat everything from a simple migraine to conditions as serious as depression. According to a study by the CDC, 130 million Americans consume prescriptions drugs once a month. There are 3.5 billion prescriptions a year, which averages out to 12 per American. The percentage of Americans who used at least one prescription drug in the past month increased from 44% in 1999–2000 to 48% in 2007–2008 (CDC).

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Is Graffiti Art?

Posted by TK on November 5, 2010

Wikipedia defines graffiti as

The name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property. Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings.

-Wikipedia, Graffiti

Wikipedia also informs me that the most commonly used materials are spray paint and markers, both hyperlinked in blue in case I need more reading on these. It states that graffiti is often related to “hip hop music”, “b-boying”, and my personal favorite- “a lifestyle that remains hidden from the general public.” Apparently I should See Also Vandalism and Visual Pollution.
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