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Society for Creative Anachronism

Posted by themaddscientist on November 20, 2011

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization that devotes itself to recreating Medieval time, from 600 to 1600. It’s a really fun organization that if you know anything about Medieval culture or sword-fighting, then you should definitely consider this group. We do a host of things such as sword fighting, fencing, leatherwork, music, and all these awesome events where you can craft a persona and be with a bunch of other people. For the record, when I mean people I mean men and women of all ages, it isn’t just a bunch of geeks talking about Dungeons and Dragons

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Is Our Health System Working?

Posted by themaddscientist on October 30, 2011

Ever since we were old enough to understand words and could attach them to ideas, we have known what is healthy for us and what isn’t. Ever since the government made the low-fat diet government policy, we have believed that saturated animal fat is bad for us and that the way toward a healthy diet is through starch and complex carbohydrates, lots of insoluble fiber, and the whole nine yards. Basically, the government is endorsing vegetarianism.

Since then, supposedly the obesity rate has gone up tremendously (due to a number of reasons), and diabetes and heart disease has been striking harder and harder among middle-aged Americans, some of whom are perfectly healthy. The problem with all this isn’t because people aren’t trying, in fact obese people are often the ones who want to get rid of it the most, but it’s because that everything that we have been taught about what to eat is fundamentally wrong.

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Religion and it’s Effect

Posted by themaddscientist on September 30, 2011

Whether you love religion or wish that it would cast itself into its own hell, we can’t deny that religion has contributed a lot, almost more than anything else, to our history. Even in a “modern” society religion still has a huge impact on how we act and work in our everyday lives. The biggest questions that most people have about religion is where it all came from and why we bothered with the system in the first place. This post will hopefully answer a few questions and show how religion has affected us and how it continues to affect us today. If you want some heavy reading, there’s this wiki pagehere, but if not, then that’s understandable.

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