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how to not break the bank for PROM

Posted by rhcpfan4ever on April 14, 2012

Prom is the only thing that’s been on my mind the past few weeks so naturally, i’ve decided to write my post about it. Prom can be a controversial issue when you think about it. Honestly, it’s just a dance which is a great and social thing to have for young kids, but it’s a bit excessive when that dance can cost a single person up to $500, even more if you’re a girl.

USA Today recently broke down the average amount someone will spend on each “necessity” from a successful night of prom:

The ride: $90-$1,500(total)

Tickets: $10-$125

Capturing the moment: $25-$100

The tux: $70-$250

The dress: $150-$500

Accessories: $10-$400

Accessories: Hair: $15-$150

Grooming: $25-$100

Grand Total: $1172.50

I’m a girl and I can say spending over $1,000 for prom is incredible excessive and unnecessary. Prom is a night people will remember forever, but those memories can be made in a much more affordable way.


It’s definitely worth the money to roll up to prom with all your friends in a huge limo/bus. I sugguest using a party bus (pictured) because not only is it awesome, but it can ususally fit more people and it’s a lot cheaper than limos. Fill up your mode of transportation to the maximum capacity because then each person will pay as little as possible.


Sorry yall, not help here. The tickets are priced the way they are and they ususally don’t have any discounts. If you’re a guy though, participate in Mr. Trojan because you get a free ticket to prom if you do.


COMPLETLY unnecessary to get a professional to take your prom pictues and even to go out and buy a new camera. There will be pleanty of parents/siblings where ever you get your pictures taken and they’d be glad to take a few for you.


Honestly, I’d try to borrow a tux if I was a guy. They all look the same except for the tie and vest, so try to find a friend or sibling that’s the same size as you and borrow the tux but rent the tie and vest.


I used Rent the Runway for my prom dress because honestly, I’m never going to wear it again. It’s a great website and you get to rent incredible designer dresses for 90% off for a 4 day period or 8 day period. My sister spent $300 on her dress and it’s just hanging in her closet, she didn’t even take it to college with her. Unless you know you’re going to wear the dress again, rent it. And it’s almost a sure fired way that no one will have your dress! My dress retails for $1400 and I highly doubt anyone is going to go out and spend that much on a high school dance.


Yes ladies, it’s great to have your own pair of beautiful Kendra Scott earrings that average around $70 a pair, but it’s even better to have an almost identical pair that you got from Sam Moon for about $8. Sam Moon is the accesssory headquarters of Austin, located in the Arbor Walk. They have jewelery, hair, bags, hats, phone cases, honestly any and every accessory is there and it’s all incredibly afforable.


I understand a girl getting her hair done for prom, but even that she could do on her own. Save yourself $50 for a mani/pedi and $20 for a waxing session and do all of your grooming on your own!


It’s too late for the seniors, but juniors take my advice if you want to have an incredible prom without going into debt!

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best part of sping break: SXSW

Posted by rhcpfan4ever on February 12, 2012

Granted, I’m not a South by Southwest groupie like Mr. Earheart, but I’m not going to lie…I love all the tourists here! it’s so fun and different from typical Austin and I really like the change of scenery. My favorite part is when my friends from out of town come to Austin, so we just walk around downtown all day, trying to get into the shows but ususally only going to the weird bands, although last year I went to The Strokes free concert which was SIIIIIICK, probably better than their one at ACL.

However this year is different for me, one of my great friends from Dallas, Texas has been in many comercials and is very interested in the whole film making process and one of his films has been accepted to SXSW! His name is Zach Prengler and he’s been working on his movie, Red Code, incredibly hard and I can’t wait to see it with him! His movie was accepted on Feburary 8 and he tweeted

It’s official! The shutout goes out to all those who worked on this film and really made this possible. I can’t thank y’all enough.

 I’m so proud of him! One of my other good friends, Daniel Carr, stars in the film also, he’s the one in the ridiculous wind breaker. it’s a great short film and everyone should watch it!
Enough of me promoting Zach’s film though. SXSW is really a very cool festival since is has film, music, and interactive and so it really has something for everyone. FUN FACT: Twitter was introduced at SXSW. Anyways, I’d encourage any and every Austinite to just take one day and walk around town, especially since the weather is so nice that time of year anyways, and really enjoy the very “Austin” festival. And don’t try to be “that guy” that’s too hipster to go to this since it’s an incredibly well known festival. You’re not a hipster, you’re just being a tool….

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Elementry School, Middle School, High School, then what?

Posted by rhcpfan4ever on December 11, 2011

The most obvious answer is college, but that’s a huge step and college isn’t always right for everyone. What most people have issues with is deciding what they want in a college, the next biggest issue is actually being accepted to the college they want to attend. Anything and everything will go into this cutial life decision. During a study, these were the top characteristics students looked into at college :

  • athletic offerings
  • campus safety
  • campus setting (urban, suburban, small-town or rural)
  • diversity of student population
  • extracurricular organizations and events
  • faculty experience and expertise
  • financial aid availability and deadlines
  • geographic location
  • housing availability and cost
  • length, time and location of classes
  • number of students enrolled
  • percentage of graduates employed within one year
  • percentage of students who graduate
  • percentage of students who return the following year
  • programs of study, majors, and course selection
  • school facilities and equipment
  • school or program reputation
  • student-to-faculty ratio (class size)
  • support services (meals, counseling, job placement)
  • transportation availability and cost
  • tuition and fees

I was surprised  to find out that not everyone wanted to participate in the Greek System at their college of choice. It occured to me that what I want in my college is most likely different that what my best friend wants in her college.

Although college is the most common choice, not everyone decides it. In at article written by Dr. Randall S. Hansen he spills out the top choices for what students can do after high school: He choses to talk about Learning a Trade, Getting a Job, Volunteering, Attending Community College, Traveling, and Joining the Military.

The second option “Getting a Job” definitely stuck out to me. I find it ironic that there are men like Bill Gates and Michael Dell, who never graduated from college and are still making more money a year that I could ever dream of, However I don’t think this is the right decision. Those two men and others like them are incredibly gifted, talented and motivated. If you or someone you know if thinking about going straight to getting a job after high school without any prior knowledge, I would highly encourage you or them to go speak to a life counselor to get someone else’s opinion.

Another one that caught my eye was Traveling. I participate in Young Judaea activities, which is the Zionist (pro-Israel) Youth Movement of Hadassa. Young Judaea has an option after high school called Year Course. If one decides to participate on Year Course, they will be studying in Israel for their entire freshman year of college, 9 whole months. I’ve attended YJ camps for 9 years and my counselors were usually bright eyed 18 or 19 year olds, either about to attend Year Course or just getting back from it. I’ve grown up wanted to go on Year Course and haven’t thought about anything else for a long time, until my parents broke it to me my sophomore year that I wan’t going to get to go. They didn’t see the point in it, and after I spoke to them, I didn’t either. I’d rather just go to college. I have some of my best friends on Year Course right now and they’re having the best time ever. I spent 5 weeks in Israel this summer and all of my best friends I made on that trip are already registered for Year Course. It was a huge reality hit when I saw everyone’s Facebook status’s and tweets about registering. I’m going to be losing my best friends for an entire year for what? To go to college? I hope I made the right decision.

Joining the Military is the last topic that stuck out to me. It’s a huge decision to join the military and American’s aren’t always the willingest people to join. I was talking to my best friend from Israel, Avi, a few days ago. He is going to be 18 in the spring which means he’s going to be deployed to fight in one of the strongest militaries in the entire world in a few months and he’s pretty much as cool as a cucmber. He’s like:

“I’ve known I was going to have to join the military since birth, all my friends do. It’s really not a big deal. And besides, I love my country and I’m willing to risk my life for it.”

That really hit me hard, he’s one of my best friends and he’s totally okay with the idea of having to kill someone else or being killed by someone else for his country. I think people who join the military are the strongest most incredible individuals this earth has to offer. It’s such a commendable option for after high school.

Now the choices are laid out, what do you think you’re going to do?

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Kim Kardashian: A Fairytale Divorce

Posted by rhcpfan4ever on November 10, 2011

72 days of pure bilss was what Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries settled on after their 2 night, 4 hour E! special Kim Kardashian: A Fairytale Wedding. And it sure as hell was a fairytale, it was a fairytale for the flourist, wedding planner, band and everyone else Kardashian spent her money on for her wedding.

The ceremony is reported at costing around $20 million!!! Word is she spend well over six figures on her wedding dress. She also spent  $20,000 on her wedding cake! The cake is said to be similar to that of Prince  William and Kate Middleton’s cake.

and there you have it, Kim Kardashian thinks she’s royalty just for having her own show on E! but this doesn’t surprise me. She’s grown up in a very privliged home and shouldn’t expect anything less. But hey, $20 million for one wedding really isn’t that much, considering how much money she made from her wedding.

Check out the breakdown of exactly how they made their money off of their  wedding and what they received for free in exchange for publicity.

Money Earned:

  • $15 million plus profit for 4-hour special on E!
  • $2.5 million for exclusive photos with People
  • $300,000 for exclusive engagement announcement with PEOPLE
  • $100,000 for exclusive rights to bridal shower with Britain’s OK! mag
  • $50,000 to have bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas

Stuff They Got For Free:

  • $15,000 to $20,000 Hansen’s Bakery wedding cake
  • $20,000 Vera Wang wedding dress and fittings
  • $40,000 for two more Vera Wang evening dresses
  • $400,000 in Perrier Jouet Champagne
  • $150,000 in hair and makeup for photo shoots and TV “home video”
  • $10,000 in Lehr & Black wedding invitations

I was watching Entertainment Tonight one evening with my mother and they reported that Kim recieved $140,000 per day of her marriage. Call me shallow, but I’d be married to an annoying, non-asset to the New Jersey Nets, immature douche for 72 days to make that much money.

I religiously watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and to be honest, this divorce did not surprise me. Kim was willing to change her last name to Humphries, until her family reminded her that “Kardashian” is trademarked and it would be a “wrong business move” on her part to take her husbands last name. Along with Kim and her savy business mind, she is way too materialistic for Kris and his Minnesota background. However this isn’t all Kim’s wrong doing.

In recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians when Kris is first introduced to the family, he gets in a huge tiff with Kim’s younger sister, Khloe, wife of Laker Lamar Odam. Kris accuses Khloe of marrying Lamar, just for publicity. However later in the season he contradicts himself when trying to convince Kim to take his last name. He says “Khloe is so down for Lamar, she took his last name.” Kris is vindictive and will utalize situations any opportunity he can in order to have the best outcome that will benefit himself. Another major problem i caught in their marriage is that Kris is so immature. When the entire family was on vacation in Bora Bora, Kris threw Kim into the water without her realizing it and she started crying. At first I thought she started crying because the impact from the water hurt her, but it was actually because she lost her $20,000 earring. This again shows the differences between them, Kim  is materialistic and Kris is immature. Not an ideal situation.

Another large conspiracy about this wedding is that it was all for publicity, and by reading the above numbers, that mission was accomplished. I don’t know if it’s just coincidental that right when Kim and Kris get married they begin filming their spin-off to Keeping up witht the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney take New York. And right when they’re finished filming, Kim and Kris announce their divorce. I think it’s safe to say, this will be the highest watched spin-off season the Kardashians have ever seen. Everyone in America wants to see what the hell happened in the past 72 days that made Kim want to divorce her prince in shining armor. Maybe because he’s a prince and not a king and because he’s in shining armor and not expensive Versache, but that’s just an idea. But Kim is still 31 and now single. E! News have reported that Kim has been traveling to Minnesota to save their marriage, but we’ll see how well that ends up.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers new album: Is It With You?

Posted by rhcpfan4ever on September 29, 2011

One of the most influental bands in rock and roll history, the Red Hot Chili Peppers had been MIA for the past 3 years, a very uncommon feat for a band that had just come out with such a successful dual-album, Stadium Arcadium and just got off an equally as successful tour. Though this MIA may of began because of that tour. Ex lead guitarist, John Frusciante, believed that RHCP had become too mainstream. He first joined the band in 1988 when the band was very popular on the LA club scene, but not much else where. After the mega success of the Grammy-winning Stadium Arcadium, Frusciante wanted out. He didn’t think it was enough about the music. Frusicante was an incredible asset to the band and they still stay in touch, although he was eventually replaced with Josh Klinghoffer, who they toured with on the Stadium Arcadium tour. The band spent almost all of 2010 writing songs for their much anticipated new album entitled I’m With You

The first single off of I’m With You came out when I was in Israel this year, so two of my best friends from Jersey, also RHCP fanatics and I spent all day listening to The Adventures of Raindance Maggie.

This was the first time the waiting pandemonium of Chili Peppers fans could finally express their opinions on the new band. I’m glad they did a simple music video so people could see the new chemistry of the group and I think it’s great, Anthony Kiedis and Michael “Flea” Balzary have been best friends since Fairfax High in LA so they have really great natural chemistry and they’ve been with the incredible Chad Smith since 1988 and he hasn’t left the band since. Though they had toured with Klinghoffer, they had never written music before.

“I thought about different guitar players and stuff, but it really came down to the fact that Josh is family.” – Flea.

Now for the good part, the review of the album. Monarchy Of Roses recently became the second single off of this album and that is something Anthony has been vocal about wanting. The song starts off with a scratchy-voiced Kiedis singing with a very prominant drum line, followed by the guitar sounds of Klinghoffer. Then the bass kicks in and the song really comes together at the chorus. I’m definitely a fan of this song and although it is very different, it’s a great preview of the entire album and what’s coming from the Chili Peppers. Fuiscanate was always known for his sick guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies but I think Klinghoffer does great in this album especially with his unique voice and the harmonies to Kiedis’s voice gives me chills.

I’m not going to be talking about all 14 songs cause that’d just be crazy so I’ll only talk about really specific ones that I think showcase the renewed Chili Peppers and the album. So the next song I’m going to talk about is the ballad called Brendan’s Death Song. Brendan was the owner of one of the clubs that the Chili Peppers would always play at in LA and he really gave them their first leg into the LA music scene. As stated in one of the above video’s with the interview of Kiedis and Smith, Brendan’s Death Song was one of the songs immideatly written during the writing process. This song is a great tribute to their dear friend and the lyrics really describe and express their great friendship.

If I die before I get it done will you decide?
Take my words and turn them into signs they will survive,
Because a long time ago I knew not to deprive.
It’s safe out there now your every where just like the sky,
And you are love, you are the lucid dream you are the ride
And when you hear this you know it’s your jam it’s your good bye 
                           –Brendan’s Death Song

The lyrics are beautiful and this is a wonderfully written song. Though it is a ballad to their dear  friend it still has a strong drum beat that you can tap your foot to. The melidious lyrics flow so easily and the bridge at the end to the drum solo and guitar riffs keep up the rock edge to the album.



Happiness Loves Company is the third song I will be reviewing. Flea is playing the piano on this song and it’s very noticable in the begining especially but throughout the entire song. He played the piano on Stadium Arcadium album as well as I’m With You. When I first heard this song I thought one thing, The Beatles. I think the peppy and upbeat tune that just makes me want to tap my foot and bob my head is a dead give away of why I thought this. This song is all about being happy and loving what you have, so it also has a great message. The other percussions that were used on this album were also very prominant on this song. I really like when Kiedis is doing his old school rapping/fast talking that he pretty much only did on earlier albums like Freaky Steakly and Mothers Milk while the other members of the band are doing a “ba-ba-ba-da-da-da” in the background. That really excintuates the great drum beat.

The final song I’m going to be talking about, appropirately is the last song on the album: Dance, Dance, Dance. The guitar plucked notes at the begining and then repeated with the bass open up for a reall great, fun song. Then the guitar changes as the drums are added and Kiedis’s voice comes in. I can tell that Klinghoffer was really comfortable when they wrote this song, as it probably has the most harmonies in this album. He’s singing behind Kiedis almost the entire song and adding in oooohhh’s and aaaaahhhh’s throughout the entire song. The song makes me want to go to a Mexican night club and dance all night until about 2/3 into the song when the instruments really pick up. Then next verse is followed by a bunch of different percussions being added, giving the song a really fun “this is the last song of the album so lets have as much fun as possible” type of feel. The song then ends with a really cool and calm note that is a great ending for the album. So as a great ending to my post, I present to you Dance, Dance, Dance by the greatest band ever, The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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