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Pet Peeves

Posted by ogden2 on April 14, 2011

First off, as language goes, the term “pet peeves” is pretty much a fail on English’s part. Yes, while “Peeves” are somethings that annoy you and “pet” refers to them as they are you’re own, if you put the words together, you’ve got a mentally challenged dog that runs around the house knocking over things and is more of a nuisance than a companion. As we are a kind people, I should hope nobody actually thinks that of their animals, but maybe they do and they don’t take such offense to the word choicing. But no matter how you treat your pets, the diction on this one was not one of the English language’s finer moments.

That being said, I’m not a grammar Nazi. Seriously. But one thing that really grinds my gears, is that when there has been a string of insults thrown back and forth on the inside of one of the stalls in the girls bathroom, all starting with “Desmrelda is a f***ing ho!” and while some interject peaceful requests, most responses are simply more insults. Of which, the grammar of these ladies is probably the easiest to insult. If you’re going to state that the opinion of the previous person is “unreasonable”, please don’t spell it “your stoopid.” Come on, ladies.

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