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Importance of Environmental Protection

Posted by Unrevealed on May 25, 2012

For years we have been polluting our world with the use of gas, aerosols, and other things. From the uses of these items we have generated 5,752,000,000 tons of pollution alone making us the number two contributor to pollution in the world making China the first at 6,103,000,000 tons of pollution. Pollution is linked to cancer, asthma, changed weather patterns, the ice cap melt, and many other things. If we don’t stop polluting health will be at an all time low and weather or climate will be threatening to multiple needs that humans need. The food chain will become a death chain if we don’t stop. All of these things will also damage our economy making it harder to live in the new world of “global warming earth”.

To stop these things from happening we will need to switch to cars that don’t pollute. We need to stop using aerosols with harmful chemicals. We will also need to stop using gas in general. We might also need to invent better transportation like ground monorails that travel automatically at thousands of miles per hour to get you to one place on the other side of the country to another point far way (this of course will eliminate the need of cars or airplane use within the country). We will also need to stop using poullting factories.

All these things contribute to global warming and if global warming isn’t stopped we are in for a economic meltdown in a trashed world which makes for bad conditions. I believe we can make an easy switch that will yes, spend a lot of money, but less money than the result of this global warming will do. Also this choice will make the world a better place and keep things going that we like. Do everyone a favor and stop global warming.

If you are interested I have posted below 2 fixes for global warming that will also fix other problems in the country at the same time:

  • Use Automatic Ground Monorails that go up to 500 miles per hour running on a nuclear reactors to eliminate deaths in car accidents and to get rid of all pollution from cars and some of the pollution airplanes. This will be a public transportation and private, if you buy your own monorail car. This will also make land more available and make it more affordable to be your own transportation device. Commute time will only be a minute of your life.
  • Use of a atom converter for factories will get rid of all factor emissions converting all pollution made into clean air to spill out of the factory or even clean water. Of course this will take research to do but if we fund it use of this product will be used for other things as well.

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Pointless Jobs / Money System

Posted by Unrevealed on April 13, 2012

I would like to post on jobs that don’t need to be around anymore that are still around today. Small jobs like being the cashier, salesman, cleaner, lawn mower, waitress, construction worker, and so on don’t need to be done with human hands.

Robots can replace these jobs that can be easily done by a robot or a computer (in some cases). This will save time and resources in the world making the world more efficient thous making the world a better place for everyone. Eliminating these jobs will allow fully capable people (everyone) to work for worth while things like science and computer programming mostly. You may ask why I say that this is possible for janitors to do for example? Because they can learn they just don’t want to and they can be forced to see that it isn’t that bad of a task. This will bring up many more questions like, how will they get the money to learn? Or, how will they get income? And so on. Simple answer to that is this will be setup so that education can be received easily and that income will not be need since they will be living on a “livable minimum wage”. Education will be free and should be for all people but lets ignore the money part for now. Anyway, some jobs need to be closed down because it is limiting us from our full potential which will make everyone’s life easier.

Earlier I mentioned about free education, well I know your going to say, “who is going to pay for it”, well no one. The money system is a flawed idea same goes for separation of different people. We need to learn that we are dependent on others and that money prevents full efficiency by limiting people from surviving at their maximum potential (which is the same as any other human and is comparable to the smartest person in the world) or surviving. Now this is a little idea I have thought of and it probably needs development. I think that by having no money in the world everyone will survive and everyone will be the “fittest” to survive (not just made to survive by protection but by education and knowledge). You may say well then we will have no motivation to do anything and everyone can get everything. Not true, I just think essentials should be free but limited once you exceed your nice amount of rations. Essentials will cover good food to television actually to phone service. Non-Essentials will be games, and anything else like that which will be “paid” for. You can also buy anything else with that money or do anything with that money that is legal. After the money is paid to somebody, unless given in a fashion like trading person to person or giving but not gambeling, it doesn’t exist. This will also raise the question who will own the businesses, the government will. The government will run top quality services and make top quality products. And last to mention is that would this be limiting progress too and would it still be possible to grab all resources with this money and what happens to the lazy workers? Progress can only happen at a certain rate so simply, no. And lazy workers will be punished without flawed punishment. So that is my little input on that. It needs tuning so care to tune in the comment’s section or ask questions on things I did not cover.

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Secretary of Education on Jon Stewart’s Show

Posted by Unrevealed on February 19, 2012

If it isn’t information, it is entertaining to see the Secretary lie horribly (play statistics). Just watch and you will see that he needs to learn to hide his lying smile. If you know what I mean by that.

Part 1 – Secretary of Education on Jon Stewart’s Show—arne-duncan-extended-interview-pt–1?xrs=share_copy

Part 2 – Secretary of Education on Jon Stewart’s Show—arne-duncan-extended-interview-pt–2?xrs=share_copy

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Protected: 2 Problems of many with our government in a little depth (Archive Remains)

Posted by Unrevealed on February 17, 2012

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