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Teacher of the Year!

Posted by hackysackpro on May 24, 2012

Just trying to figure out what to post about, and I thought what could be better than posting about the person who’s going to read/grade your post!

So hopefully you knew about this, but our teacher has won the Teacher of the Year (there’s also a video on this link) award in our school district this year! I was able to personally congratulate him when he received this award and it was just a really cool thing to experience. There were a lot of camera guys, photographers, and reporters in the classroom, all during his AVID class. You can see below the district superintendent and principle of our school congratulating our teacher as he receives the award.

You could tell that all the students in his class were really proud of Mr. Earhart, because he does so much for his students and personally I think he deserved it.

I have heard of some of the things that our teacher has done for us and I just think it’s amazing that he could do so much, and I probably don’t even know all of it. He has helped kids do better in school and try harder, encouraging them to go to college successfully.

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Kony 2012

Posted by hackysackpro on April 12, 2012

I think most of you know already about Joseph Kony and the whole fight to stop him. But if you don’t know then it’s something called Kony 2012 and here is some background information.

Joseph Kony is a leader in Uganda that has taken up an army created mostly by abducted children. You may have heard a reference to Invisible Children before, they are the kids that have to run away from home in the evening and go into protective shelters every night to sleep in order to survive. And the person these children are running from is this Joseph Kony. Here is a video that talks about Kony 2012 and just exactly what it is

Joseph Kony is obviously a bad man, I don’t think anyone would doubt that, and I think everyone would agree that he should not be allowed to do what he is doing now, but the thing is are we willing to put forth the effort to stop him?

So here’s the interesting thing now, there are obviously a lot of people that would support this program and this push to stop Joseph Kony. However there is also a good amount of people that think this is an out dated issue. What are your opinions about this national issue? On one side there’s the morality issue where it would seem wrong to let this continue even longer than it has already. And on the other hand there is the relevance question since this issue is somewhat out of date and the resources could be used in other areas where it may be more needed.

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Posted by hackysackpro on February 13, 2012

I went to a game with a friend of mine about a week ago for the Lady’s Soccer team and we were told that we would be the only students there in the stands. I thought my friends on the team were exaggerating about that but as it turned out my friend and I were the only students there when we got to the game. Of course there were the parents of the soccer players there in the stands but it was still pretty empty. My friend and I weren’t expecting anything too exciting but we made promises to some of the players that we would go to their game. As the game started, things were going pretty slow but after awhile I found myself really into the game. I was cheering a lot and my friend was getting into it just as much as I was. We ended up having a lot more fun then we thought we would and plan to go to future games as well.

I have always liked playing soccer for fun, it has been one of the things I wished I did as a kid. I think I am a decent player and I love to play with my soccer friends whenever I get the chance. I love to do a soccer move called “bend it like Beckham” because I think it looks really cool whenever you see the ball curve mid-air and go a completely different direction. The move, as many of you probably know, is created after a famous soccer player named David Beckham, where he kicks the ball and curves the direction of which the ball travels confusing many opposing players.


This is just me practicing some of my moves, no big deal…

As you can see I’m pretty good… I wish. I could probably never be able to do that but it looks really cool.

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Posted by hackysackpro on November 14, 2011

It’s me again, the typical Asian is back. This time I’m talking about my Kung-fu experience. As I’ve already referred to, I do go to a Kung-fu school, and I’ve been going there ever since I was 8.

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