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Fantastic Fight Film Festival: Project

Posted by ginginese on December 15, 2011

The following films will be shown at the FFFF. All have been chosen based on a number of categories. The most important of those categories is… an epic fight scene (or two or three or… you get the point)! Where on the scale of epic-ness each film falls is determined by the overall effect of the fight (how much does the fight add to the film/will the outcome of the fight greatly affect the movie), the range of good and evil involved (are the main good and main evil characters involved or are they minor characters?), the emotional level of the fight (is there a great deal of tension/is there a mutual bloodlust or hatred?), and finally the pageantry in the fight (how long, how much detail, use of environment, etc.). The second category is special effects. Although many movies have had amazing fight scenes a great deal of the most memorable are the ones that have fantastic visual effects, either live action or computer generated. The scenes get a large increase in their overall presentation if all of the explosions, action, sound effects, and destruction look realistic. So now that you are aware of how movies will be scored, here they are. (Feel free to disagree with my ratings.)

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Posted by ginginese on December 13, 2011

Everyone is familiar with the trolls. I don’t even need to explain what they are or what they do. But here is a funny video giving an example of one: (unfortunately CollegeHumor will not let me embed their videos)

Depending on a person’s perspective, these silly and often annoying people can either be entertaining or infuriating. I’m seen countless discussions (both online and in real life) that, because I am simply observing, are hilarious because one person is making the other frustrated by hardcore trolling. However, I’ve been in situations where I’m trying to get a point across and the only thing that I’m receiving as feedback is non-stop troll answers and it can definitely be terrible.

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Youtube: Not Just for Viral Videos

Posted by ginginese on October 24, 2011

Whether it’s someone making a gigantic fool of themselves or another amusing cat video, people always talk about the latest viral video to be posted on Youtube. But to the normal person, that is all that Youtube is good for. The side of this fantastic site that most people don’t really see is the side of the creators, the filmmakers, the channels the produce material on a consistent basis. The vloggers.

I was like most people a year ago, only going on Youtube to see some amazing play in sports or a random event that happened to be caught on camera. Then I was introduced to the Vlogbrothers. John and Hank Green are two brothers who have become surprisingly famous because of their videos. Rather then tell you about them, I’ll just link to an FAQ video they did back in December of 2009 where they talk about themselves.

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Driver Friendly

Posted by ginginese on October 18, 2011

Music nowadays is very mainstream. People listen to the same artists, the same genre of music, with very little variation. When Drake or Eminem or Lil’ Wayne comes out with a new song it instantly becomes popular and everyone listens to it. This causes new bands that have unique styles of music to be overlooked by the general public and therefore decent music is not widely heard. However, sometimes people get lucky and find those unknown bands.

I used to be, and for the most part still am, one of those people who listens to mainstream popular music. I listen to these songs because I do feel that there is meaning in some of the lyrics and when there isn’t, at least there is a good beat or a large amount of base that makes me feel like a boss when I turn on the subwoofer in my car.

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