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anyone a fan of TOOL?

Posted by elevation4 on October 30, 2011

I don’t want to come across as one of those people who only listens to underground music (not that there is any thing wrong with that) but one of my favorite bands is the band TOOL.  I wouldn’t consider TOOL to be a very well known band; often times ill ask  “have you heard of the band Tool?” and ill get the response “who?”  but they have a devoted following. In my opinion Tool fails to fall into a genre. The term that comes closest to describing the sound of their music is “Psych Rock”. like the name suggests their music has a psychedelic, trance inducing quality.

Tool was formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Original members were drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, bassist Paul D’Amour and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. In 1995 Justin Chancellor replaces D’Amour as bassist. Currently Tool has four albums released, Undertow (1993)  Ænima (1996)  Lateralus (2001)  10,000 Days (2006). A fifth albums is reported to be due for release in may of 2012. The following are some of my favorite songs (one from each album in album order) Opiate was an EP released in 1992.

while I like Tool some of their music is, for lack of a better term, hard to listen to, not bad just odd music. The following song is an example. (its a baking recipe)

Tool’s music at times can be really crude, however their lyrics should not be looked at superficially. Tool’s music often has a deeper meaning. the song sober isn’t about drugs but about corruptness.

Alex Grey is a name often heard in conjunction with Tool. He is an artist who has done several of the album covers and his work visually represents the style of music Tool Creates.

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