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Battlefield 3 Versus Modern Warfare 3

Posted by crashandburn1313 on November 10, 2011

So lets start with the pros of Modern Warfare 3 as a game…well there’s a problem with this section, Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t really have any pros because all of the pros are in it’s previous 3 or 4 games.  I don’t mean to bag on MW3, but when I really thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything that was really a pro in MW3 that differed from any other COD game.  Yeah the graphics are seemingly updated, but it’s nothing too major. The only difference from COD2 to the new COD’s are the guns, running, kill streaks, and graphics…that’s about it.

Battlefield 3 has many pros but a lot of them aren’t anything entirely special.  So far the biggest pro that anyone can really say is that this is probably the most realistic graphical game to date.  Some people actually questioned at the first preview of in-game play, whether it was reality, or if it was a video game.  Frostbite 2 engine focuses on a lot more than geometry which is what they showed off in their demo when BF3 was first announced…I really think they’re biggest improvement was the realistic graphics of things such as dust, sand, and even the animation of wind effects.  Besides the graphical features of the surroundings of the game, the actual FPS portion of the game is phenomenal!  When your looking through a players eyes, you are given a different feeling from the past Battlefield games.


Forget the graphics lets go into the details of the accessories of the game such as guns, vehicles, and the newly improved aviation.  The guns of all the Battlefield games seemed to become more and more realistic, especially if your a person who likes to watch war movies, but 1 thing they did lack was the feeling of the power of the weapon virtually.  Fortunately Battlefield 3 has achieved that feeling with it’s improved sound, and overall computer hardware has progressed in general for any video game designers, which has allowed DICE to use that to it’s full advantage.

“They’re gamers, they’re going to play both games, both games are great. Much respect for everyone involved on the DICE side and I think they feel the same way with us. We’re friends with them. It’s not what they portray on the EA side.” – Modern Warfare 3 executive producer Mark Rubin


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South Park Politics

Posted by crashandburn1313 on September 30, 2011

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