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ACL 2012

Posted by blogger1212 on May 25, 2012

With the release of the ACL lineup earlier this week, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about the people I’m most excited to see. This is the 11th anniversary for the Austin music festival, and this lineup serves as one of the best. With so many big names, the ACL organizers did a great job of spreading them out among the days. This year will definitely be worth the $200 I spent on my ticket.

First off, Florence+ the Machine is probably the artist I’m most excited for. I have been a fan of hers for about 3 or 4 years, and with the release of her new album, Ceremonials, last november, I couldn’t be more excited to see her live. I love the way she gets so into her songs and really feels the songs she sings. She really has a way of capturing her audience and relating to her listeners, that I greatly appreciate. This makes me even more excited to see her live. She will be playing as a Headliner on friday, and will surely not dissapoint. Here is one of my favorite songs by her off the Ceremonials album.

Secondly is the band that has caused the biggest hype. They were rumored and everyone wondered if they would actually make the lineup. This year, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be headlining on Sunday, which so many people couldn’t be more excited about. I have become a fan of the Chili Peppers through my best friend, who is a die hard fan. She has exposed me to some of their best songs and music videos, and even red a biography on the lead singer, Anthony Kiedis. Therefore, it is inevitable that I too would be excited about their performance at this years festival. This is one of my favorite songs by them, Snow.

Third, a band that’s not headlining but still has a big spot in the lineup is the Shins. Their unique sound is really uplifting and will surely make for an entertaining show. I haven’t listened to them for very long, but this past year I have grown to enjoy their music and know it fairly well. When I saw the lineup, I was definitely excited to see they were going.


Who are the bands y’all are most excited to see at the festival this year? It’s going to be a great one!

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The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Posted by blogger1212 on April 13, 2012

Many people say they want to travel the world at some point in their life. Fact is, I’m no different. I know that for at least the next four years I’ll be in college, but I like to sometimes think about what I’ll do after that. Traveling is near the top of my list. To travel the world could take a lifetime, and it’s still probably impossible to see all there is to see. However, the seven natural wonders of the world, offer a way to prioritize what is worth visiting. If I was able to witness all seven of these, I would definitely be more than satisfied. Here’s a breakdown of what makes these natural wonders so astonishing and why they have drawn so much attention.

The first natural wonder, the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, is one of the most interesting. What makes the northern lights so special is that there isn’t one specific place one must go to experience them. The best place to view them is in the northern hemisphere near Canada, in the Arctic Islands. However, you never know how they will appear that night, which makes them exciting and unpredictable. Often, they appear as a diffused glow that lights up the horizon, which is most common. Although sometimes they appear as a wave across the sky and look to be almost dancing. It’s as if the lights have a life of their own.




The most commonly known natural wonder is the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona in the United States. It’s massive canyons stretch for an impressive 277 miles and a depth of over one mile. It’s impressive views and lookouts are unbeatable. There are many ways to experience the canyon, whether through helicopter, riding a mule, or just taking it on by foot. The Colorado river which runs through it just adds to the beauty. This is definitely a must see.






The Third natural wonder is an active, cinder cone volcano, Paricutin, located in Michoacán, Mexico. It has not erupted since 1952, but mankind witnessed it’s birth, giving it the title of a natural wonder. Within it’s first year of creation, it grew to almost three fourths it’s size, an astoundingly fast rate. To view the volcano first hand, there is a twelve mile, round trip hike or horse back ride to be traveled which goes to the top. Another thing that makes this so special is the various wildlife along the volcano, including hundreds of different endangered species.

The fourth natural wonder is Victoria Falls, located in South Africa on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This is the largest waterfall based on length and height, stretching for a mile and reaching 380 feet high. One of the most amazing way to see the falls is by helicopter ride, giving the opportunity to see wildlife such as hippos and elephants. Two national parks protect this massive water structure because of it’s importance as a source of water from the Zambezi River.








Now looking at a different sort of water structure, The Great Barrier Reef undoubtedly deserves a spot in the big 7. It is the largest coral reef system in the world and consists of over 2,900 different coral reef structures. It stretches for over 1.600 miles and can even be seen from outer space! That alone is enough to intrigue many people. While it may be cool to look at from up above, the best way to experience the reef is through snorkeling or scuba diving. This way, visitors can have direct interaction with the immense wildlife and species of fish which keep the reef alive. Stretching for over 133,00 miles and including 900 islands, this reef has the most diverse ecosystem in the world!

For many regular hikers, Mount Everest is the most desirable of the seven natural wonders. It’s known to be the highest spot on earth and is famous for its daring hike to the top. It’s peak is at 29,029 feet above sea level and is located in the Himalaya mountain rage on the border of Nepal and Tibet. The hike can be very treacherous and dangerous so for the less experienced hikers there is a flight which goes around the mountain. This still offers great perspective and a chance to see an amazing structure. Tourists often struggle with the freezing temperatures especially as the elevation rises, so necessary protective gear is a must have.

The seventh natural wonder, the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is perhaps the most interesting structure. It serves as the largest bay in the world and is surrounded by large mountainous structures. It is known to have been created through erosion from the Atlantic Ocean. The immediate switch from ocean to mountain is what makes the Harbour such an amazing sight to see. To experience this wonder, visitors can choose to take a helicopter around the bay or travel to the top of one of the peaks, because the best sight is above the bay.




These are only seven of many amazing things around the world. People are constantly trying to get other structures added to the list or replace one currently there. For now though, these are the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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Rick Perry Needs Help

Posted by blogger1212 on November 10, 2011

As a nearing 18 year old eligible to vote in this years election, I have been watching the televised republican debates with my parents and developing an opinion about who I think is suitable to run this country. I don’t intend on just imposing my political views but more my observations of one candidate in particular: RICK PERRY.

We all know he is the governor of Texas and has been since the year 2000 when the previous governor, George Bush assumed presidency. The prediction pre-debates was that Rick Perry would follow in his footsteps because he has the highest American approval ratings of all the republican candidates. Obama’s ratings were going under so it would only make sense a Republican would take office, and many thought that Republican would be Perry. However, because of his inability to formulate answers and refrain from to many umm’s and uhhh’s, he would have to make a miraculous comeback to even have a chance.

To put this in perspective, here is a clip from one of Perry’s earlier stumbles in the debate process:

Perry is stumbling around and can’t figure out what he is trying to say. His answer is unclear and is not helping his case as president. Also, in this debate, as well as a few others, he was focusing too much on attacking the other candidates than establishing his points of view and what he has to offer. You can’t win a presidential election without expressing your views. At some point he was going to have to talk about what he believes and knows, but when he does, he continues to stutter and make little sense. I want to know:

Here is his attempt to talk about global warming and his point of view on the issue:

It’s no doubt Rick Perry has a lot to offer in terms of potential and ideas, but his ability to express those ideas is just too weak to win over Americans. His approval rating has been going down more and more as he continues to fumble around with his words at each debate. Maybe it’s something about the stage, the people maybe, or the media. Whatever it is, something is making Perry way to nervous to focus on the ideas he is trying to express and his supporters are dropping like flies.

Even though he has been struggling, nothing was worse than the debate this Wednesday night when he lost his train of thought and flat out couldn’t answer. It’s a little sad to see him struggling so much up there, even the other candidates were trying to help him out. This is a glimpse of at what you missed in regards to Perrys worst mistake ever if you didn’t watch this weeks debate:

So now maybe you have an idea of how big of a hole Rick Perry has dug himself by his lack of debating skills. This was one of the most embarrassing moments for Perry and his entire campaign. He was completely stumped by his own thought and could not retrieve the information to which he was trying to argue. His arguments, as well as his chance at the republican nomination has been so severely weakened it will take a lot to bounce back from a mess up like this one. I don’t know if he can do anything at this point to save himself. When asked about tonight his response was:

“I’m glad I had my boots on tonight, because I sure stepped in it out there.”

As he continues to loose support, candidates like Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are gaining it. Each time Perry makes a fool of himself during the debates, he becomes more of a laughing stalk and less of a serious candidate. This focuses the attention on the more popular candidates like the ones mentioned above. It will be interesting to see who ends up coming out on top.

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Do Your Own Work!

Posted by blogger1212 on September 30, 2011

Once? Twice? Three times? How many SAT’s will you take before heading off to college? For me, it was 3. I’m taking my third one this saturday, as unfortunate as that is. A 4 hour test on a saturday morning isn’t exactly an ideal way to spend my time. However, it’s the desire to get into my school of choice that motivates me to continue waking up at 7 a.m. when I could be sleeping in. Most colleges accept either the SAT or the ACT however, the SAT is very popular as the test of choice. These are the average scores for Texans taking the SAT:


The SAT can be the determining factor for your future, either getting you into your dream college, or your backup choice. It can help you with scholarships as well depending on how well you do. Many people take SAT prep classes and even get private tutors to prepare for the big exam. However, some students have another way around the difficulty and pressure residing on the test.


It is understandable that students feel pressured and and have anxiety about the test. Although, under no circumstances should cheating be an option for a way around the desire to succeed. College admissions take into consideration your score on the SAT, so lying about that is affecting your whole future. An official exam is not the time to lie about your knowledge and test taking abilities, especially when it is given such credit in the admissions process. Since not only did the students cheat, but also manage to find someone to get them scores that were almost perfect is absurd.  This makes me question the reliability of the security of standardized testing.  As a student in the midst of applying for college, I have schools which I dearly desire to get in to, but by no means would go to the extent these students did to be admitted. It is frustrating to know that some people are willing to sacrafice everything and cheat, because now they could be accepted to a school they would not usually be, ultimately cheating the entire system.

It is quite common for high school students to be caught cheating on tests, quizzes and homework assignments. However, the case of commiting a felony through false identity to cheat on the SAT is a rarity. Most students think of cheating as not that big of a deal, and while it is condemned, the frequency of its occurence gives off that impression. This article simply proves my point:


It is shocking that students don’t even acknowledge that what they’re doing is cheating, and almost 75% of them that do admit to doing it. This preposes the idea that the grades students are getting aren’t even their own. These grades transfers over to college on students’ transcripts, ultimately getting them benefits they don’t deserve. How can we even prove that students are learning if they don’t even think they can do their own work and take their own test? School is supposed to be about learning, but it has changed into something much different. Students are clearly so wrapped up into getting good grades that they no longer care about actually learning the material, therefore they are willing to do such things as cheating, to achieve those grades.

In order to avoid the issue of being tempted to cheat, there are many other options available for success. If you feel well prepared for a test, it is shown that students will be less likely to cheat. For the SAT in particular, students can get tutors, take classes, or even study on their own with a book. This is a link to a study book which can be used for the benefit of the student and will help lower the rate of students that cheat:


If you’re feeling pressured about the SAT and aren’t sure what goals to set for yourself, average Texas high schoolers are scoring a 995 on the math and reading sections of the test. Aside from just the scores that we’re making, it can’t be proven how many kids are actually learning the material if they have the opportunity to cheat on everything they do.  On a lighter note, they are currently making a new movie about the SAT and kids making a plan to cheat on the test. Be aware of the risk kids take by cheating. Here’s the trailer, enjoy!

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