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Album Review: New Kanye West

Posted by ben10 on December 1, 2010

No single celebrity has been a more entertaining source of awkward watershed conversation over the past decade than Yeezy. From his beautiful comic timing when saying, at a charity fundraiser shortly following hurricane Katrina, that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, to his cringe-inducing yet thoroughly entertaining interruption of that Swift girl at the VMA’s in 2009, West has somehow managed to stay trendy and musically relevant despite being considered kind of a douche by most of the general population. This is because, regardless of his behavior in the spotlight, the man has been pushing the boundaries of pop and hip-hop music, crafting and re-crafting his style, and introducing new talent to the public at a prolific pace for the last ten years. It is for these reasons that I decided it might be cool for me to write my initial thoughts about each song the first time I give his new release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a full listen.

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