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“The Grey” Movie Review

Posted by atxtrojans on May 23, 2012


Liam Neeson looking like a badass.


I am a movie buff and have a weird obsession where I rent movies once or twice a week on iTunes and see if they are any good or not and see if I want to buy them.  When I saw this movie title, I though, “ok, another movie where Liam Neeson is a hardcore badass like in ‘Taken’.” But when I looked up to see how it did in the box office, I was surprised to see that it didn’t do too well at all.  But, I gave it a shot anyways knowing that Liam Neeson is a good actor and most of his movies are entertaining. My expectations were blown out of the water and this has become one of the best movies I have seen in a while.

The premise of this movie is that Liam Neeson works at a nuclear power plant in Antarctica and his job there is to hunt the wolves and kill them when the workers are working on the pipes for the plant. Their term of work is over for now and they board a plane to take them back to the mainland when in mid flight, their plane fails and crashes leaving only 8 survivors. The rest of the movie is survival of the fittest against the pack of wolves that is hunting them. 

Overall, I thought this was a really good movie and essentially a more adult “Into the Wild,” which i thought was awesome and I would highly recommend the movie as a must see film.

Once More into the fray, 

Into the last good fight I will ever know.

Live and die on this day,

Live and die on this day.


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Kyle Stanley Chokes at Farmer’s Insurance Open

Posted by atxtrojans on January 30, 2012

I know most of you all probably don’t care about golf or know who I’m going to be talking about, but, this was one of the most dramatic finishes in golf in recent years, second to Rory McIlroy’s collapse at the 2011 Masters tournament.

This is the 3rd tournament of the 2012 PGA season so far and we have seen a lot of old faces but also a lot of new ones who are emerging as champions.  This tournament is the Farmer’s Insurance open and has one of the largest prized purses for any of the tournaments this year.  Needless to say, the winner receives 1.8 million…..That’s a lot of mullah.

For the entirety of the tournament the leader had been Kyle Stanley, starting off with a very commanding lead through 3 rounds with a 64 and 2 68’s giving him a 7 shot lead in the tournament and looked to be as if he was going to be the winner.  Before I go on, let me tell you a little about Kyle Stanley. Stanley is 24 years old and a fresh graduate from Clemson and has only played three PGA tournaments so far coming fresh off the college circuit. This doesn’t offer much time for Stanley to get acclimated to the tour environment yet he is already on the leader boards looking to win his first tournament among some of the tours greats who have been playing on the tour a lot longer than young Kyle Stanley has.  Anyways, back to describing his major downfall.  Starting the fourth and final round of the tournament, Stanley still had the commanding 7 shot lead over the rest of the competitors in the field until approaching the start of the back nine of the Torrey Pines South Course. This is where Brandt Snedeker began creeping up the leader boards toward Stanley.  Snedeker had completed his tournament and was in the clubhouse awaiting to be awarded second place and runner up had Kyle Stanley not choked on the 18th.  The last four holes of the golf course for Stanley had been challenging with him hitting into 3 bunkers and only retaining a four shot lead.  It all came down to a dramatic final hole and Stanley would be crowned champion and he would get a win under his belt early in the season and start off to a good rookie career.  If only this would have been the case.

Stanley hits a 300 yard drive off of the tee box and defers to lay up to the green over a water hazard.  He elects to hit a sand wedge for his lay up shot and puts too much spin on the ball and spins the ball 20 feet off of the green and into the water.  This now but him 2 shots ahead and he had to finish so to win the tournament.  He takes his conservative drop on the first cut of grass so as to allow him to have a solid chip and an easy tap in to finish off the day with double bogey and win the tournament by one stroke.  Instead he makes the chip and then misses a 3 foot putt for double and ends up making a triple bogey on 18. He had to sign the card with a 74 for the day on the walk towards the beginning of hole 18 for the playoff between him and Snedeker.  Snedeker taps in for birdie and Stanley matches his birdie but cannot putt in for par on the par 3 16th and therefore loses to Snedeker who thought he had no chance of winning the tournament especially in the fashion that he won.

“It’s just crazy,” Snedeker said. “To get my mind around what happened the last 30 minutes is pretty hard to do right now. My heart is out to Kyle. I feel bad for him to have to go through this.”

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Tiger Woods. Come back career or done?

Posted by atxtrojans on December 13, 2011

Pre-November 2009, when you heard the name Tiger Woods, you possibly thought, the worlds best golfer, or highest paid athlete, or a guy with a weird first name.  All those were true until November 2009 where

“he crashed his car into a fire hydrant outside his Florida home on a Thanksgiving night, and shocking revelations of extramarital affairs began to emerge, which shattered his image, led to a divorce and cost him four major sponsors. Since then, he has changed swing coaches, caddies and endured more injuries, causing him to miss two majors and fail to make the cut in another.”

Needless to say, he took a break from golf for a while after this incident regarding his personal life and professional sports career.  But when he decided to play golf again, it was quite depressing and disappointing.  We had always known the Tiger that wins, the Tiger that was one Masters away from tying Jack Nikolaus for most all time wins at Augusta.  We knew the Tiger of old.  So when the Tiger of new came around, we didn’t recognize him.  He had a terrible image and his life was now on display, and he couldn’t place or win any tournaments.  The golf game and world missed the old Tiger who won and brought attention to the game of golf.

This Tiger has slowly reemerged and we have recently seen a glimpse of the Tiger to be.  With his most recent win at the Chevron World Challenge, we are now seeing a Tiger with a new swing, new caddy, and new demeanor who can once again focus on golf and win.  He has now ended the two year drought in which he didn’t win any tournaments or opens at all.  We are slowly seeing the return and rise of one of the most celebrated golfers of all time.

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Texas Country Music

Posted by atxtrojans on November 2, 2011

So hastily in my attempt to go ahead and get this post done with, my first one was accidentally deleted in my hast so here we go for round number two.  Hopefully my frustration right now will not show through in my writing.

So anyways, most of us grow up listening to the music that our parents listen to or the music that they play on the radio whether it be in the car or in the house.  I recently have been listening to a lot of country music because thats what I was introduced to and what I have been drawn back to.  I started out listening to main stream music such as Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks, but now I have moved to listening to the likes of Kevin Fowler, Randy Rogers Band, Josh Abbott Band, and Roger Creager.  Here are just a few of the songs from these artists that will give you a true taste of red dirt country music.

And here is just another song from Josh Abbott Band that I really like and hope that you will enjoy:)

Hopefully I have possibly introduced you to some new artists that you will enjoy listening to and jamming out to.  Texas country is really emerging as a great genre in my eyes and especially because we live in Austin we have it around us all the time.

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Mac Miller

Posted by atxtrojans on September 27, 2011

Ok, so those of you who are wondering who the hell Mac Miller is right about now, I am going to sum him up right now….through this wiki bio :)

Like the bio said, he started out in high school as the alias ‘Easy Mac’ and produced a couple of  mix tapes called ‘The Jukebox’ and  ‘The High Life’, which was him rapping over several other artist’s beats and tracks.  The albums were sub par but I would not recommend it if you are not into his music yet.  He then moved onto his next project which was the mixtape called KIDS, standing for ‘kicking incredibly dope s***’.  This is my favorite album by him so far.  This album really encompasses his capability of being not just a rapper who can flow and rap, but rather an MC who can play with words and rhyme them together.  He successfully threw down 18 tracks on this mixtape and was able to provide a different sound and evoke different feelings through each one.  One of my favorite songs is “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” and really shows that he is just 18 and rapping about things he knows and cares about and likes to do.

After he successfully dropped the album KIDS, he became big quickly among the college scene and his music slowly spread across the US.  The KIDS album lead to concerts and more and more publicity until he reached the Texas scene really hitting Dallas first before spreading down to Austin.  I hate to say this and this will probably stir up some controversy, but I have a lot more respect for a white Jewish rapper than lets say Tyler the Creator due to the fact that the whole rap game originated in the culture of the African-American community and has predominately stayed in it except for people like Eminem and now Mac Miller.

He came out with an album after KIDS, which was highly anticipated but a massive let down.  This album was when you noticed his style change.  He really started to try to appeal to the majority of listeners rather than his fans.  He started dropping tracks from the album and it just sounded like the new age rap of no lyrics but great hooks and beats.  This album was called ‘Best Day Ever’, and yes we all know that the title was very misleading.  Although most of the songs were let downs, he did have a couple good ones on there consisting of “Play ya Cards” and Best Day Ever.”  But the one song that he made his claim to fame to was the song “Donald Trump,” which has slowly grown on me and become one of my favorite songs by him because of the beat.

After the ‘Best Day Ever’ album, Mac has been pretty low-key for a while doing shows here and there.  But he has recently announced that his next mixtape ‘Blue Slide Park’ will be coming out on November 8th of this year. (for those of you keeping track like I am, yes MW3 comes out on that day too.)  So far he has only released two songs from the album with music videos, but only one has been released for download.  They are “Frick Park Market” and “Smile Back,” both of these are more of his new style of the new age rapping.

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