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También la lluvia (Even The Rain)

Posted by aerhys on May 25, 2011

One of the best ways, I find, to learn about parts of history, is to see them presented in a film, and become so interested, so intrigued, that in turn you go and research that event. A few weeks ago in Brother Earhart’s class, we saw a film documentary about corporation. It described many corrupt and horrific events funded by separate corporations. It was interesting, but the way in which the film was presented did not spark my interest nearly as much as También la lluvia (Even The Rain).

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remake remake remake

Posted by aerhys on April 12, 2011

Remakes have always been common. At least for the better part of fifty years. Someone made a film, someone else wants to remake it a bit more modern. And sure, if something came out in the thirties or fifties, the current generation is probably going to want something a bit more up to date, or at least, up to the times. It works for things like Robin Hood. But more recently, it seems as if there is a complete lack of imagination in the cinematic world, because films are being remade that are not even ten years old. Works are being spit out again at a far more mediocre rate and, quite frankly, it is becoming a tired habit.

The lack of originality is showing.

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those themes, emotions and philosophies so dear

Posted by aerhys on March 31, 2011

This project stemmed from the discussion of how we as a generation no longer use CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, et cetera. I find that fact a bit sad, because I still use my tapes, CDs and records, and I prefer them to the new style of music listening. It works just as well I suppose, but there seems to be a lot more love and attention and passion involved when you have to handle the music, rather than simply browsing a playlist on your MP3 or iPod. To each their own, but since I don’t have a way of burning my own CDs, Earhart is kindly allowing me to post my music picks here with links for everyone to listen to the songs. I hope you all enjoy my choices.

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Posted by aerhys on December 12, 2010


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