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Modern Children and Computer Technology

Posted by iexercisebytyping on October 10, 2012

Computer technology is definitely affecting American kids today in one form or another. Today’s generation of children are affected by computers far more than the previous generation. My mother told me that she did not use a computer until she entered college. However, it seems that there are those who would argue that nothing much today can be done without the aid of the computer, and to their affirmation, it seems that the trend of increased dependency on and use of  technology shows no sign of slowing. Read on after the break to explore more on this increasingly relevant issue.

Could this have become a common sight by tomorrow?

Toys R Us, for example has recently unveiled a new product called “Tabeo”, a tablet aimed at children under 10 years old. This suggests that children are to familiarize themselves with technology that was not seen or encountered by the older generation until much later in life. The implications of this have yet to be seen.

One major cause for concern to me is that according to Toys R Us, the Tabeo will

“give its young users the “full Internet experience”

Read more:

Having full access to the internet at such young ages could arguably be very detrimental to the development of children, as young and growing kids are likely not psychologically ready or advanced enough to safely and healthily process, understand, and deal with all the information they can encounter online.

Technology has become a part of many childrens’ lives, and many youth today do not have any past-times that revolve outside technology and computers. Look at palystation and Nintendo. Nintendo and Wii has taken normal everyday outdoor activities, like tennis and aerobics, and made these into virtual activities. Some children of today may not even know that tennis is a game that is played on a court that has grass, cement, dirt, or clay on it. These children would not know the joy of playing a game of sport in the lovely, sunny outdoors. It is really upsetting to me that many members of the younger generation are increasingly less conscious of their natural surroundings.

Technology has also brought with it health defects for these children.  Epilepsy and some concentration defects are increasing in children. A suggested cause is that these children are so engrossed in their computer games that they do not know what is happening to their minds. There is also a major physical health issue regarding these children are not getting enough physical fitness due time usually allotted to exercise instead being devoted to to sitting indoors playing virtual games. These children are also not getting enough sunlight, and sunlight does carry some vitamins which are essential to the body for maintenance, for example Vitamin D.

However, computer technology is no means all bad. Kids of today can use this wonderful tool for the good of themselves, and other people. It can be used in moderation to supplement or aid education, or even to spread different inspiring or helpful messages, such as awareness for social issues relevant to kids, such as bullying, and other prevalent issues such as health diseases. Technology can be used by the younger generation to give hope to all people. The key is discipline, self-control, moderation, and education.

Let me know in the comments what you all think of technology being used by children at increasingly young ages.

12 Responses to “Modern Children and Computer Technology”

  1. I agree that it is difficult for young children to moderate their use of technology. It’s easy to become addicted. I’ve read studies where computer use actually changes your brain chemistry. I know of a young child who was very adept at many apps on his mother’s iPhone, but there was concern over his not being ready for kindergarten because he didn’t know his colors or the alphabet. His social skills are extremely delayed because technology has been used a babysitter. Children need to be interacting with other children and adults to learn how to be human beings. Playing with other children teaches them social cues and empathy. I think teenagers today are too dependent on technology. It’s not okay to peek at your phone when someone is talking to you. It’s not okay to check messages while you are at the dinner table. It’s as if people don’t think they exist unless they are connected to the virtual world.

    • flyingshrimp said

      I agree with you that it is difficult for young children moderate their technology use, but i don’t think technology would cause children to be worse than others. I have a second cousin who was very fascinated by technology such as the apple products. He loved to play with the his Ipod so much that he could even use it as well as any other teen and he is only 5. Although he played with his Ipod a lot, he was still very social and now has plenty of friends in school. This just goes for show that technology does not change brain activity negatively all the time. Also I recently saw him, and we were watching the discovery channel and it was about underwater animals. He would name all the animals ranging from seahorses, to manta rays. I myself have never seen a child of his age of 5 be that smart. This also shows that it does not affect the intellectual part of a person’s brain. So I think that technology at an early age is good for a child.

  2. andersonhsstudent said

    I think that the constant exposure to technology can be detrimental to everyone, especially children. Our society has developed a high demand to keep up with the latest technology and be able to work it, something we are trying to instill in the children of this generation and generations to come. This use of technology is dominant in school, recreational activities, and the work force. Teaching children at a young age to utilize computers can be useful for society as a whole but damaging to the individual, causing health and concentration defects along with many others listed in the above post.

  3. fearlessfishtank said

    Technology has many positive and negative effects. As I know from being a student, a computer is pretty much required to be successful. English essays need to be submitted online. Homework assignments need to be checked online. It seems to be very beneficial to learn how to use a computer efficiently because of school. Teachers will not accept handwritten assignments and will only accept computer submitted assignment. I personally think that this is ridiculous. There are still students who cannot afford to buy computers and to have Internet.

  4. There are endless advantages and disadvantages of being as technologically advanced as we are. For example, while computer technology may impede social skills involving face to face contact, it increases socialization because one can communicate online to almost anyone around the globe. This leads to faster, more effective communication and thus a more effective spread of information. For educational purposes, this is highly significant, as well as for politics, government, and news in general. I agree that some people can become addicted to technology use, whether it be computers, cell phones, or tv, but in my opinion that is a small drawback to an incredibly large benefit of today’s advanced society.

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