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Music Monday: Clipse

Posted by stevesnobs on October 8, 2012


      Not too many people have heard about Clipse, but if they have, they have most likely only heard their most popular song “Gridin” which reached the 30th spot on the Billboard 100. Clipse’ is a group consisting of two brothers: Malice, who is the more introspective one that raps about the anxiety and pain that comes with selling drugs, and secondly Pusha T, whose raps are more ignorant and stubborn that mainly glorify the life of a drug pusher. While their hit song Grindin’ was receiving a lot of airplay on radio, many people did not realize that the song was about selling cocaine.

Their entire catalog pretty much consisted of rapping about the lifestyle of a drug dealer but their music was sonically perfect so it made the listener enjoy it. Their beats were always very enjoyable and innovative because The Neptunes, who’ve worked with Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and countless others, were their main producers.

Their second album, Hell Hath No Fury, was released to critical acclaim, especially by Pitchfork Media who said that “Malice and Pusha T have arguably snatched the best dozen Neptunes tracks in years. Together, the quartet has crafted an album that’s sonically deep, dark, and one of 2006’s finest.” 

“In Virginia we smirked at the Simpson trial, the chase was wild, but what’s the fuss about?”

They have not released an album since 2009 as Pusha T has focused more on his solo career and Malice has recently published a book. But an album is planned for 2013 and hopefully more people can come to acknowledge one of the greatest groups of all time.

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