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Yet Another Music Post: The Paper Lions

Posted by lrose727 on October 4, 2012

So this is the four of them, looking just about as “canadian indie rock band” as they possibly can

It seems as though all anyone can think about nowadays besides the presidential election, is music and the upcoming ACL music festival. Although the paper lions are not on the ACL lineup, they are still amazing and definitely worth checking out. I have been absolutely obsessed with this band since the beginning of the summer, which is a ridiculously long amount of time to obsess over a band, especially for someone like me who looks for new music every night. One of the most amazing things about the Paper Lions is their versatility. I generally categorize bands by the emotions they evoke from me but this band manages to create music that affects me differently every time I listen to it. I personally think all of their music is unique and groundbreaking in their own way, but I’ll start by listing a few of my favorites.

1. Queen Charlotte of the Hyenas: It seems fitting that I start with this song because it was released in their first, self-titled album that came out in 2008. This song consistently manages to lift me out of whatever horrible mood I’m in and to force me into singing along. It has great lyrics to sing loudly and off-tune to and such carefree, fun music, that I can’t help but dance.  Some other great songs from this album include What If, Travelling, Strawberry Man, The Sherrif. Honestly, if you have time, just listen to all of it.

2. Lost The War: This song is my ultimate “scream at the top of my lungs and piss off the neighbors” song. Its from the Paper Lions second, less popular, album, Trophies. I love this song almost as much for its music as for its lyrics. They shout that “we lost the war, but won the battle” with that empowering attitude of maybe we did lose but we also had a heck of a good time messing with everyone anyway. It almost reminds me of Mother Mother’s song, Wrecking Ball, in that they both convey that idea of making a huge mess of things for fun. They are very different though, in their music; the Paper Lions’ version is more of a battle cry. 

3. Ghostwriters: This song is referred to(mainly by myself) as Paper Lions’ “mellow” song,. The beginning of it reminds me of L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale, another excellent band known for their carefree music. Listening to Ghostwriters is an experience I associate with the cover of its album, At Long Creek(2012). It makes me feel like I am sitting in a green field with absolutely nothing to worry about. Relaxing while at the same time empowering, Ghostwriters is one of those songs that changes every time I listen to it. It goes from woefully sad to carefree to happy to nostalgic and back again. This entire album is very chill and nice to fall asleep to. Some other highlights include Little Liar, My Friend, and Polly Hill.

I could go through each of these songs and rant for hours but right now, its late and I think we’ve covered enough life changing music to fully appreciate the Paper Lions. 

2 Responses to “Yet Another Music Post: The Paper Lions”

  1. redfish001 said

    I love The Paper Lions! Everyone should check them out.

  2. iexercisebytyping said

    It’s strange
    crazy how oftentimes the best musicians and artists are the least well know.

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