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The Importance Of NASA; Are The Budget Cuts Just?

Posted by awall621 on October 3, 2012

Whether we’re trying to travel somewhere distant, find other forms of life or simply trying to figure out what’s out there, space exploration is an extremely important topic. Our country’s space program, NASA, keeps receiving intense budget cuts for more important topics. However, people seem to look past the positive outcomes of giving a higher budget to space research.


One of the greatest results of space exploration, in my opinion, is discovering more of the universe. Since it’s ever expanding, there’s always more to be discovered, and with the edge of the (observable) universe being billions of light years away there’s always more research to be done and more to be explored. And while the debate of living on other planets is more feasible in the future, there’s no reason we couldn’t plan ahead now. It’s been said that our planet could only host about 3 billion people, while the current population is nearly 7 billion. Plenty of places on Earth are over packed and cramped with people already, and with as many people as there are we’re surely using our natural resources much faster than we should be.

And who’s to say that other planets don’t have useful resources we could use for energy sources? Or with a few scientific adjustments that another planet is uninhabitable? No one knows the answer because there’s not enough money in the budget to find out; to some the idea of finding something worth while on another planet seems far fetched, but how do we know if the farthest we’ve reached is Mars?

Not only is NASA useful in the exploration of the universe, but it’s also been helpful in our own planet. They’ve done lots of research on the environment from space, including things like air quality, climate and other natural resources. Hell, they even taught us how to grow our own energy. And, of course, giving NASA a larger budget helps stimulate the economy in various ways, from the research done by scientists hired to the production of materials needed.

So, do you guys agree that NASA’s budget is in need of a boost, or do you think our money should be focused on other aspects?


3 Responses to “The Importance Of NASA; Are The Budget Cuts Just?”

  1. ragingwhale said

    I personally believe that despite many people may think, space exploration and the funding of NASA are worth our time and interest. There is more that can be learned from space then the simple “well this is really cool”. There is many things to be discovered in physics via space exploration. And although I don’t think NASA needs more funding I also don’t think that their budget needs to be cut.

  2. soccerchick3 said

    Though I think that space research in and of itself is very interesting, I would be reluctant to giving it more funding. With so many other problems out there that deserve funding, I feel that space research, though sometimes resourceful, isn’t the world’s predominant issue. I don’t think that people will be living on the moon anytime soon, and I feel that if we do find some planet that inhabits other living beings, we could potentially create some kind of conflict. From what we already know, most of the worlds in our universe are so uninhabitable that I am very skeptical about the fact that science could somehow overcome these obstacles. What about ending world hunger and poverty? How would we meliorate the problems of the world that we now face by exploring other planets? I just don’t see it.

  3. stinsonfan said

    I think that the only funding that NASA should receive is money that would be used to try to make Mars possible to live on. The USA has massive amounts of debt and does not have money to blow on things that just seem interesting.

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