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Music…Tuesday? Ben Howard: “Every Kingdom”

Posted by rosecb on October 1, 2012

ACL is just around the corner, and while there are tons of huge headliners to look forward to (The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc), there are also some smaller (but still really great acts to look forward to. One of these is Ben Howard, who is playing from 3:15-4:15 at the Honda stage. Image

Ben’s album, “Every Kingdom”, was released last September. I’m going to talk about my three favorite songs in this post, and I hope y’all will listen to/enjoy his music as much as I do.

“Diamonds” and “Only Love”

I just said three songs. I know. I know that I just said three songs. However, these both tie for my third favorite song. “Diamonds” has a rather long intro, and is very calming without making you want to go to sleep. “Only Love” is quote possibly one of the cutest songs you’ll ever hear.

Darling you’re with me/always around me/only love, only love

“Old Pine”

Once again, the intro to this song is like a minute and a half. But the intro is still one of the best parts of the song. The lyrics are carefree and happy, but the music isn’t overly peppy. It’s really relaxing, and it’s one of those songs that leaves you with a feeling of slight nostalgia, but mostly, contentment.

I’ve come to know the friends around you are all you’ll always have…we grow, grow, steady as the flowers/we grow, grow, older still

“Keep Your Head Up”

This song is pretty much an antidepressant. I can’t even put into words how happy it will make you. 

I’ll always remember you the same/oh eyes like wildflowers…keep your head up/keep your heart strong

ESSENTIALLY what I’m trying to say is that Ben Howard is beautiful and British. I hope y’all go see him at ACL, because he deserves tons of recognition and fans. See y’all at his show!

7 Responses to “Music…Tuesday? Ben Howard: “Every Kingdom””

  1. stevesnobs said

    Dis iz white ppl musik.

  2. redfish001 said

    I’ve never heard of Ben Howard, but I listened to his music and it was pretty good. I’ll definitely consider seeing him at ACL

  3. catzforsale said

    I definitely plan on seeing him! I always enjoy the diversity that ACL offers, especially with talented and somewhat underground artists such as Ben Howard. He’s got some great music, no doubt.

  4. […] Music…Tuesday? Ben Howard: “Every Kingdom” ( […]

  5. anders2013 said

    Front row at ACL! Listen to his cover of Call me Maybe to restore your faith in humanity.

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