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Were the Mayans Right?

Posted by dumpstertreasure on September 30, 2012

 The ancient Maya were one of the world’s greatest, most mystifying civilizations, but could they predict the destruction of the entire world?


Some believe so.  The Mayan calendar is supposed to reach the end of its long count, spanning 5,125 years, on December 21, 2012.  This end is just the conclusion of a cycle of time in the Mayan calendar.  Once this period ends, a new one will begin.  This is like our calendar enidng December 31st, and starting again January 1st of a new year.  There is no proof that the Mayans ever believed that the world would end once this cycle was through, however pop culture media has hyped up the “end of the world,” as a Mayan prediction.

In May of 2003 there was supposed to be a doomsday as well, but when it didn’t happen, the date was changed to December 2012, linking the end of the world with the Mayan calendar.  Books started to be written, movies became made, and tons of attention was being directed at this “end of the world.”  People began making up stories as to why the world was going to end, whether it be a planet crashing into the Earth, a meteor hitting the Earth, or the reversal of the Earth’s axis, and connecting them to the Mayan calendar’s so called “ending.”

Don Yeomans, a NASA senior research scientist, talked about what is true and what is not, when it comes to theory and scientific fact, in regard to the end of the world in December 21, 2012.


Many members and representatives from NASA came out and publicly denied that the world was going to end December 2012.  The NASA website has pages dedicated to thwarting these ill-conceived ideas, where they answer many questions about a doomsday and other questions about these phenomenons that may or may not happen.

Don Yeomans further said,

There apparently is a great deal of interest in celestial bodies, and their locations and trajectories at the end of the calendar year 2012.  Now, I for one love a good book or movie as much as the next guy.  But the stuff flying around through cyberspace, TV and the movies is not based on science.

So maybe the Mayans couldn’t predict the end, and eventhough all this fuss and commotion about the destruction of the world is not backed by any real science, there are still people who choose to believe that the end will soon be upon us.  The number of people who seem to believe this hoax has been decreasing, but the ideas are still out there and many people do stand behind them.  People have tried to prepare and equip themselves for December 21, 2012, but the reality is there is not much preperation to be done, becasuse the world is not going to end…but who knows?

What do you think?


3 Responses to “Were the Mayans Right?”

  1. treebooger said

    I don’t think they took leap year into count

  2. juicyjew1 said

    I agree with nasa, and if the population freaks out I will be very surprised.

  3. iexercisebytyping said

    I read that the due to small miscalculations in the mayas’ equations to find the date of our demise, the exact date of the world’s “end” was off by a few years in the original mayan calculations, and the day the world was supposed to have ended has already passed.

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