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Aurora Shooting

Posted by treebooger on September 30, 2012


Many people know about the shooting in Aurora, but not many people know the details behind the insanity.

The man that committed the crime, James Homes, had allegedly talked to one of his classmates four months prior to the shooting saying that he wanted to kill people. Also, prior to the shooting, Homes had been making threats to his professor the same month he happened to fail his end-of-the-year final.

It is also said that Holmes had called his psychiatrist only 9 minutes prior to the attack. She did not answer this call, but if she had, it could’ve changed how the whole situation panned out. There is a very good chance that she could have talked him out of doing his insane attack on the innocent people of Aurora.

Could she have made a difference?

2 Responses to “Aurora Shooting”

  1. kitefest said

    While there is a chance that talking to his psychiatrist could have changed Holmes’s mind, I think it’s totally unfair to blame this horrendous event on a missed phone call. For all we know, he could have been calling with a last minute goodbye or calling because his mind was made up, not because he wanted help changing it. We can’t blame psychiatrists for the actions of their patients, or burden them with the responsibility of watching their every move. It’s unfortunate that the psychiatrist didn’t answer her phone, whether or not it would have changed anything, but she shouldn’t feel guilty for the events of that night; James Holmes actions were purely of his own mind.

  2. flyingshrimp said

    Even though some may think that the phone call could have prevented the shooting, I think that would have been a very small chance if any. It even says that he has been threatening this shooting for nearly 4 months in advance yet no one other than the psychiatrist tried to help him. If anyone should be blamed for this unfortunate event then it should be his friends or teachers that did not try to remove those thoughts of killing, not the missed call from his psychiatrist. And even that his friends or teachers did help the psychiatrist cure him, that would still be a long shot to prevent the event. It may have delayed the event so less people would have been hurt but probably not fully stop the event. I personally think that him calling the psychiatrist wasn’t him reaching out for some help, but rather him either saying good bye because he was going to do it or him thanking his psychiatrist for the help but he is still going through with it. It may not have gone exactly how i thought but it would be similar to the idea that it wouldn’t be stopping the shooting that was going to happen.

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