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Is Environmentalism Still Relevant?

Posted by biggiebiggiesmalls on September 26, 2012

There’s no denying that humans are not only the most physically dominant species on the planet, but the most technologically innovative, socially capable and resourceful species ever to inhabit the planet earth. Conversely, it’s also hard to deny that humans are notoriously the most hostile, self-destructive, and narcissistic life-form ever to exist (as far as we know). As our society grows exponentially, it’s important to examine our effect on the constantly evolving global ecosystem. Specifically, as environmentalism takes the stage as one of the most prominent conversations in our political and social climate, it’s becoming increasingly important for humans to evaluate our impact on the world around us. 


There’s no doubt that environmentalism ought to be a central focus point as the 21st century progresses. Architecture and technology are both evolving a direction that is growing increasingly supportive of the environment. But is the need for environmental preservation and concern proportionate to the attention it receives in our media in politics? Ted Nordhaus thinks not, 

The environmental community can claim a great deal of credit for what are significant advances over a relatively short period — advances won against well-financed campaigns of disinformation and denial. Yet despite all the recent support from the media, fromBusiness Week to National Geographic to the New York Times, we are still a long way from achieving serious action on global warming.

It’s essentially granted that something needs to be done to preserve the future of the environment. The next biggest question that our generation will need to ask ourselves, is how? In what areas are we doing a good job in preserving the environment, and in what areas are there room for improvement? These are all questions that will demand answers over the next century and as our society is faced with two options.. sink or swim. 


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