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Watch out for KUT’s signal expansion this fall

Posted by kitefest on September 17, 2012


Along with many other Austinites of my generation, I have been raised listening to KUT every day for the entirety my life. Even folks who don’t like NPR would probably at least recognize the voices: Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne in the morning, John Aielli with music in the afternoon, and Robert Siegel and Terri Gross in the evening. These people have become constants in my life, I could track my day around who’s on the radio. But now, things are going to change. A split proposed earlier this year has been accepted and coming into action this fall, KUT will span over two stations: the original 90.5 FM will continue as a news only channel, and their recently acquired 98.9 FM will serve as a music only channel. I won’t even get into how upset I am that they purchased KXBT “Austin’s Greatest Hits” channel, which is the only place that still streams “The True Oldies Channel” (even if it is in the middle of the night.) So now, my fellow Ausinites and I will have to make a choice: the news or the music? I don’t yet know if the music channel will be having “news on the hour” like the current music programming has, but that’s an element that could sway me. I can understand why the station wants to expand their horizons and offer more options all the time, but along with Click and Clack going off the air this fall and all of the schedule changes on Sunday mornings, this is just too much of a shift for me to take in all at once and it’s going to take a lot of adjustment before I can come to terms with this new reality. The station’s reasoning for this $6 million expansion is that:

“The two services will create a broader platform to share the intellectual and cultural assets of the university and Central Texas with a national and international audience.”

I think I’d rather not have options. One station has always been enough for me and to be honest, there are some radios in my house where I don’t even know how to change the channel because I’ve never needed to. I speak for myself though, I’m sure lots of people sill see this as an innovative idea and will be excited about the variety of programming they’ll now get to hear. So I ask you, what are your thoughts? Yea or nay on this expansion? And since it’s inevitable regardless of your opinion, which station will you be tuning in to?

3 Responses to “Watch out for KUT’s signal expansion this fall”

  1. Hmmm… a bit a split on this one. There are times when I absolutely love to hear the voice of Jay Trachtenberg. But there are other times when I really just want to hear the stories of the day, irregardless of the time o’ day. I think I’d prefer a news only station on 90.5. That said, I’m starting to feel a teeny bit old. This is the last year of Car Talk, and I don’t really like to think about a world in which Click and Clack no longer regale me with their laughs each Saturday morning.

  2. redfish001 said

    I too am also split on the change. Although I liked having both news and music on 90.5, I also like the option of switching to Austin’s Greatest Hits when there’s a story that I don’t want to listen to or want to listen to music instead. I am used to the never having to change the station in my house also, so that will an annoying change, but I’m open to the new changes overall.

  3. Will said

    I listened to “Twine Time” but it doesn’t compare to Scott Shannon’s “Crusin America” UT why couldn’t you buy an AM Station instead? Those College kids need to experience AM radio while it lasts! I am glad I invested in Blank Cassettes! I am thinking of opening up my only TDK MA-XG cassette (Ebays most expensive TDK tape) and record the 98.9 Austin’s Greatest Hits onto it! My Quadraphonic radio will probably not crank the radio dial anymore! Will you guys buy KBPA 103.5 next along with KLBJ-AM?

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