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Posted by h2pr0 on May 25, 2012

Summer is nearly here so I’m going to write about one of the main things I do every summer. I like swimming because you can use it as a form of exercise or competition as well as for recreation.

People have been swimming since the stone ages. Swimming first appeared in the Olympic games in 1896. In the last olympic games in 2008 the success of Micheal Phelps has brought a lot of attention to swimming and increased its popularity. For those of you who don’t remember 4 years ago Micheal Phelps got a gold medal in every event he swam in and received a record 8 gold metals in one Olympics here is a video of one of the closer and exciting races. This race was for the 7th gold and he one by a mere 1 one hundreth of a second.

Micheal Phelps will swim this year for the last time in London then he will retire as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

As I said earlier swimming is also a great thing to do recreationally. I’m sure most people who live in austin have been to Barton Springs at some point. Deep Eddie is also a great spring fed pool to escape from the heat but if you don’t mind the drive I recomend going to Krouse Springs this is a beautiful spring with several waterfalls as well as a rope swing that is an awesome place to pick nick or camp. Enjoy your summer and find a pool near you to escape the heat.

2 Responses to “Swimming”

  1. i hate people that act like they don’t like swimming or that they “don’t want to get their hair wet.” yes I’m guilty of using that excuse when i don’t want people to splash me, but it’s so much more fun to swim for real instead of just lay around in the water and watch people have fun

  2. foodisdelicious said

    I love swimming because of its versatility. Unlike many other sports, there are so many different levels. As was pointed out in the post, there is competitive swim and recreational swim, both of which are fun and exciting, whether you’re watching the Olympics or hanging out with friends at the pool. And not only that, but any kind of swim is fantastic exercise. Whether you’re an 80-year-old woman doing water aerobics or a little kid learning to swim, it’s so good for your body. You get to work the majority of your muscles while enjoying yourself! As a former gymnast, I know for a fact that sports can be very hard on your body. The repeated impact just kills those joints. However, swimming is a great relief from all of that. But an even better feeling is simply the feeling of floating in the water and forgetting all of your stress. So basically, swimming as a whole, is pretty awesome.

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