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remake remake remake

Posted by aerhys on April 12, 2011

Remakes have always been common. At least for the better part of fifty years. Someone made a film, someone else wants to remake it a bit more modern. And sure, if something came out in the thirties or fifties, the current generation is probably going to want something a bit more up to date, or at least, up to the times. It works for things like Robin Hood. But more recently, it seems as if there is a complete lack of imagination in the cinematic world, because films are being remade that are not even ten years old. Works are being spit out again at a far more mediocre rate and, quite frankly, it is becoming a tired habit.

The lack of originality is showing.

Films made out of country are being remade for Hollywood. Why? Because apparently people cannot be bothered to read subtitles, or Hollywood wants the actors to be prettier. These ridiculous and shallow standards are usually to the detriment of the film, however, as most reviewers will agree that the original was far better. Take Låt den rätte komma in (translated as Let The Right One In) and Let Me In. Although Let Me In did not get terrible reviews, most agree that it was nothing like the original. State of Play is another. There are many other remakes, and some would not even require subtitles. Brothers US/Brødre Danish, Skins UK/Skins US, State of Play UK/State of Play US – the list goes on and on. Currently, more films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and L’arnacœur are being remade. And whilst I am sure the cast are wonderful, will the scripts have anything on the originals?

The point is, why remake something that is already great? Is it purely for money? Can people really not handle reading subtitles? Is there any reason to remake something that’s been done brilliantly already?

And it is not only the foreign films that are suffering. Hollywood films that came out not a decade ago are being remade. Granted, they are mostly Superhero films which always have more stories to tell, but shouldn’t there be a Superhero per generation? Should we not enjoy one classic film for a while without shoving out another one?

Obviously I have a biased view. I am not very fond of remakes. For the most part, I find they do not work. Sure, there are the fair and few that are brilliant, and sometimes even surpass the originals, but that is not often.

And I’m not saying all remakes are bad, they just seem unnecessary.

12 Responses to “remake remake remake”

  1. yams1994 said

    You know, i never noticed this but i totally agree. A friend of mine told me about Skins a while ago before the US version came out and i thought it was great but when i compared it to the newly released US version, it had nothing on the original.

  2. Baxter said

    I also agree with this and I do think the reason they keep remaking movies is because people do like to see current/more modern actors play the part which is entertaining but on the same note, it’s overdone.

  3. ogden2 said

    Maybe it has to do with the comfort zone: Johnny Depp or Ben Afflack is going to be in movie X so therefore it will be a good movie. I don’t know, but it’s just a theory. I’ve never seen many “foreign” films just because I don’t know what’s out there. Maybe that’s the other problem: Hollywood surrounds us and for those less “in the know”, they might not know of the original at all, if they know the movie is a remake in the first place. But again, just speculation.

    But, generally, I am not in favor of remakes because, as you said, they’re only half as good as the original. However, I really do love the remakes of the superhero movies. The Batman in literal tights just doesn’t do the Dark Knight justice as one of the most bad ass superheroes ever.

    Lastly, I’m assuming that was the trailer for the original Let Me In, not the remake? In either case, I’m kind of terrified right now.

  4. CR said

    It’s the same with music. There’s no originality anymore and it sucks. We’re going to become such a lame society!

  5. Mason said

    I find that lots of remakes are either poorer in quality just failing at trying to copy the original.

  6. .............. said

    i agree with the maker of this comment the original movies are always better, if the movie is great why is there a need to remake it? as well as i think that the fact that the movies are foreighn makes it more appealing it adds character and thus interests me more and makes me want to watch it. our society has to stop being so lazy and just read the titles because we need to be able to appreciate the cultures because there’s so much more that we can learn from them. though there is one thing that i dont mind when they are remade and that is hispanic soap operas, different countries remake the soaps and ive seen a few remakes and would say that they are as good as the originals they just have extra flares.

  7. cr0uchingtiger said

    I agree, I feel that most remakes of films are a lot less creative and lack luster than the originals. I do have to disagree as far as the british/ vs. american office goes, but that has to do with a difference in cultural humor, whereas the Brits enjoy more subtle and witty comedy styles. The remakes of Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate factory were pretty bad (and why are they obsessed with Johnny Depp?). Movie makers are becoming less and less creative, and it’s a sad thing to watch, pun intended.

  8. herpderp said

    So to answer your question with my opinion, i believe the only reason to do remakes is to make money. The only real thing you’re actually updating are possibly CGI graphics (which i LOVE) and more modern people. Of course people are going to see a movie with Matt Damon, just cause he’s famous! Why go and see an older version with people you have never heard of when you can see a more modernized one with someone famous most Americans know? I think remaking movies is – for the most part – for the money. Every once in a while there will come a remake that might even be better than the original (referencing songs that have been remade and made SO much better).

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