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Who is the best Mash up artist?

Posted by milkdud9754 on December 8, 2010

My last post was about Girl Talk and the idea whether or not mash-up artists are unfairly using other artist’s songs. But now I would like to get your take on who your favorite mash up artist is. I’ll give some samples of ones I have deemed noteworthy, and  you can broaden the horizons if you have one that you think is better.

This post was inspired by the article “The 8 Best Mash-up Artists (That Aren’t Girl Talk)“, I really enjoyed following the artists listed in the article and thought that I could do my own.

NUMBER 8: 5 & A Dime

Gregory Kantor, alias 5 & A Dime, is a mashup artist from Lehigh University. Born in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, he has been DJing since 2004 and practicing mashup since 2009. His influences are a mix of club DJs, Super Mash Bros, and Girl Talk. He tends to mix mainstream music including Billboard 100, hip-hop, pop, dance, house, soft rock, 90’s and 80’s, and one hit wonders.

This guy is good, although he uses a lot of the common samples, he includes some that I haven’t heard much in Mash-ups which I like, but he earned his spot at number 8 due to his rookie status in my music library (I haven’t been able to give his album the attention it may deserve).


Nathan Pham a.k.a Easter Egg is a Portland, OR based DJ and mash up artist, focusing on simple A+B blends, full mega-mash albums and traditional DJing on the 1’s and 2’s. He is pretty awesome, another one that I have listened through his album, but haven’t spent the time listening that it deserves. His songs aren’t too long, but has a nicely flowing album “Jackin for Beats”.

NUMBER 6: Tenacious DJ

I just got Jonathan J. Santos’s new album “Albomb”, pretty clever I thought, and his creativity comes out in his songs. He uses newer songs which is nice to hear, don’t get me wrong “Juicy” by B.I.G is great, but can be overdone. His album is a good length that provides a quick and satisfying listen.

06 Straight Outta Sesame Street

NUMBER 5: Speaky

I have been listening to Speaky for a while and when I listened to his album “Greatest Spits” I loved it, but then listened to “Blenda” which was awful, because it sampled movie lines which was bringing mash-ups in a different direction, but I was not yet ready for that. Although the author of the article mention above put Speaky as #1, here is what he said:

Speaky is the first to admit he was 100% inspired by “Night Ripper”. Infact when his “Mashcore Vol 2″ album was being passed around by his friends, they renamed it Girl Talk as a joke. Well, file sharing sites eventually got it and it was being spread AS Girl Talk. GT caught wind of this, squashed the rumor that it was his, and released “Feed the Animals” a couple months later. I will say this, his first two albums aren’t really anything worth talking about too much. They have their moments, but the main reason he is number one is because of his most recently released mash-up masterpiece entitled “Greatest Spits”. It is very good. Like, I almost hold it on the same regard as Feed the Animals. It’s a must for any music fan.

NUMBER 4: Top Flight

Jack Gallagher caught my attention by mixing “like a G6” and “Ghosts ‘n Stuff” into the best use of Deadmou5 i’ve ever heard. He has at least 3 albums out that are awesome. He uses pretty awesome samples that aren’t all old and stale.

NUMBER 3: Milkman

Gregg [Milkman] Luskin was requested by one of my friends and i’m glad I listened to his request. I have 2 of his albums that are awesome and what makes Milkman so high up on the list is that he came out with a single that ISN’T mash-up and it’s SO GOOD! He even made a remix contest out of this awesome song:

NUMBER 2: Super Mash Bros.

I actually found them searching on youtube and downloaded their 2 albums very soon after. This group puts together some awesome very upbeat songs which I enjoy and have earned a spot at #2 due to how i’ve had their albums for so long and have yet to get the least bit old.

Here is a song that has the best use of “Hypnotized” in a mix:


Greg Gillis is Girl Talk, and he is crazy good and has really led the way in mash-ups, he has earned his spot as #1 because he is listed as one of the influence for each of the artists on this list. He recently came out with his new album “All Day” and I listened to it 3 times in a row easily the first day it came out. What sets Girl Talk apart from other artists is how much better his stuff flows and goes together, the range of songs he uses and the length of his albums make it seem like he puts more effort into it then other artists.

Although I hate to pick apart his new album since it was meant to be listened to as a whole, this would be one of the best songs off it:

I linked to Pump The Beat last time in my post and I encourage you to check it out and also this one called D.M.L. Go to the page to find out what it means.

14 Responses to “Who is the best Mash up artist?”

  1. Tosh said

    Thanks for the shout out man! I like the mysterious nature of the D.M.L. link up haha keep the rankings coming, it was a good read

    D.ML. Music

  2. Ben said

    • milkdud9754 said

      Yeah i like the Hood internet, they put together good stuff but i feel like they pump out a lot of songs that don’t necessarily go together as an album. Thanks for the suggestion, but definitely in my top 10ish, i just decided to do 8.

  3. Peter said

    the beastie boys for sure. They are the reason copyright laws in regard to music exist today. They were the best at sampling songs while maintaining a theme and sense of structure through their albums.

  4. ABC said

    I personally dont like mash ups but I really liked the ocarina of rhyme album by team teamwork, probably only because of the nostalgic music from zelda.

  5. harrison234 said

    I’m gonna have to say that I think girltalk shouldn’t be number one. He puts on a great live show but I don’t think his stuff is that great otherwise. If you’re looking for great mashups that flow and have several songs that overlap smoothly, then super mash bros. is who to listen to. I have a lot of their songs and all of them are really good

  6. 84 said

    I don’t like Mash Ups at all. You listen to a girltalk mashup, its good. You listen to it again, its alright. You listen to it a third time and its suddenly terrible because of how unoriginal the music is. Especially with Girl Talk. They are often repititive and you’ve heard all the music before. Typically its like a mash up phase people have, people are never like my favorite genera is “mash ups”

  7. Jay K-S said

    Thanks for linking It’s always awesome to see that people actually follow what we’re doing and enjoy the music that we put up. If you have any recommendations, feel free to hit me up.


  8. Face said

    I was kinda shocked that Mashup-Germany didn’t make the list?

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