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About Mr. Earhart

I was born and raised in small-town Missourah, completing my entire elementary and secondary schooling in St. James, MO (population: 3,500).  I attended the University of Central Missouri where I majored in social studies education.  I was intent on coaching football and basketball, and had always wanted to be half as good at teaching social studies as Barb Smith (my high school instructor).

Out of college, I began my teaching career in Concordia, MO (population: 2,100) teaching a variety of humanities courses whilst calling the offense on Friday nights.  But I decided to move to Austin after my second year of teaching.  It was a wise move.  Austin has been good to me, as I’ve since acquired a dog and a house – even convincing my elder brother, Jeremy, a professional artist, to abandon Brooklyn for the allure of Austin four years ago.

I love to travel, having spent a bit of time in Europe, Mexico, Peru, and Columbia; and I geek-out on baseball, Netflix, and records.

At Anderson I have several roles, but this year will be interesting, as one of my largest responsibilities has been lifted from my shoulders.

Over the last 6 years, my most significant responsibility at Anderson occured in my coordinating of the AVID Program.  Advancement via Individual Determination seeks to support students who will be the first in their family to graduate from college.  My role was to identify, recruit, teach, and support AVID students in their pursuit of a college education.   AVID was my most challenging and rewarding teaching assignment.  6 years ago, when I was asked to rebuild the program.  I recruited a class of 25 students and began quite a journey.  This Fall my 3rd AVID group of seniors heads-off to college.  It’s safe to say that these students hold a special place in my heart, having taught them for their entire high school career.  I’m extremely proud of them and myself for what we have accomplished.  I’m equally proud that Anderson HS has committed to the AVID Program, as this year we will have over 175 AVID students in 9 sections.  We continue to grow as a program, providing more support to a population of students that is all too often marginalized by our society.  There is little doubt that my recent accolades are directly related to my work with our AVID students.  These students have taught me more about education and life than anything else, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with them everyday.  If you want a window into the wonderful world of AVID, watch this video featuring AVID graduate, Dulce Ruiz; as she explains her dream of being the first in her family to graduate college.  To me, Dulce and her fellow AVID students, are family.

For the first time in many years, I will not be teaching AVID.  It will be a year of transition.

The good news is that I’ll have ample time to focus on teaching US History, a course that I’ve taught for the last 7 years.  We will revel in the complexity and ambiguity of all that is the United States.  We will consistently draw parallels to modern society, making history relevant.  And we’ll have fun doing such.

And this year I’ll have much more time to improve the Students as Teachers program.  Students as Teachers utilizes a model of “students teaching students.”  SATs demonstrate strong skills in a particular subject area and are then assigned to help a freshman or sophomore section of students in need of support.  Basically, a SAT will be assigned to a course like Algebra 1, and, when students are having difficulties, the SAT will intervene by reteaching a concept in a small-group or individual setting.  My role is to help train, place, and monitor these SATs, ensuring more support for Anderson students.

I’m also on the board of a local, non-profit called Attendance Records.  We’re basically a student-run record label.

That’s probably more than enough info for now.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  Comments and questions are welcome.

116 Responses to “About Mr. Earhart”

  1. rachelkay11 said

    What is your email for the campaign assignment?

  2. Shabbur said

    Manage your website, it is getting very out of hand down here.

  3. […] About Mr. Earhart […]

  4. Ryan 1st said


  5. Audrey 1st said

    Sounds like a lot to do!

  6. Deanna 1st said

    Being an SAT is really fun!

  7. Jake 1st said

    Timmons is my homie

  8. Ned (Samuel) 1st said

    Very interesting!

  9. Farid 1st said

    Can’t wait to start helping

  10. bowen rechner (1st) said

    i like dogs too

  11. Cecie Suknaic (1st) said

    I like the flowers in your picture.

  12. Yesenia 1st said

    good job!!

  13. Skye 1st said

    Hopefully it’ll be fun! Fingers crossed!

  14. Megan 2nd Period said

    Yay! Im excited to be a student as teacher. This should be fun!

  15. Madeleine 2nd said


  16. Lucy 2nd said

    The new librarian is a nice woman.

  17. Aliyah 3rd said

    Student as teacher day 1!

  18. Christy 3rd said

    Yay SAT!

  19. Alex 3rd said

    Very excited to be a part of this program!

  20. JonEric said

    Glad to be able to help!

  21. Garrett 3rd said

    cool class

  22. Claire 4th said

    I’m excited!

  23. Michelle 4th said

    Can’t wait for this year!

  24. Melissa Wisian 4th said

    Who all do you play DnD with? Like do you actually play with Mr. Timmons and Mr. Uhler?

    • Just our fantasy baseball version of DnD. Mr. Uhler and I are currently in quite a fight for 2nd and 3rd place. Anything you all can do to distract him (thereby ensuring an Earhart victory) for the next few weeks is appreciated.

  25. Otto 4th said

    I am excited for this year

  26. Garrett 4th said

    Missourah? niice

  27. Shelby 4th said

    I’m looking forward to helping other students

  28. Courtney 4th said

    Can’t wait for this class!

  29. Garrett Bishop 4th said

    interesting class

  30. Marya 4th said

    This sounds super fun!

  31. Isabel 4th said

    I’m excited for this school year in SAT!

  32. Matt said

    I really like kids

  33. Kimmie Riggs 4th said

    Can’t Wait!!!!

  34. josh kolditz 4th said

    gonna be great!!

  35. Nicole 5th said


  36. Sue Hong said

    Sounds FUN!

  37. Nidia Cisneros 5th said

    Cant wait for a great year!

  38. Kendall 5th said


  39. Madeline5 said

    Why AVID is such an amazing program!

  40. Natalie 5th said

    Yay SAT!!

  41. Kaitlyn Beckham 5th said

    Sounds exciting, cant wait

  42. Mary Grace 5th said

    im excited!!

  43. Abby 5th said

    Im Excited!!

  44. Saundra 5th said

    I look forward to being in the SAT program. Helping younger students should be very fun and rewarding!

  45. Riley Koenig 5th said

    i cant wait to be a student as teacher this coming year!

  46. Hallie 5th said

    kendalls foot is cramping. I hope that she can recover quickly.

  47. Ashley 6th said

    Peru and Columbia sound amazing!

  48. Eryn Hodges 6th said

    I enjoyed being a SAT last year so I’m sure I will this year!

  49. Sarah Sparkman 6th said

    Can’t wait to be a SAT!

  50. Sydney Panter 6th said

    Can’t wait!

  51. sarah 6th said

    Hopefully i get to have Mrs. Taylor’s class because her SAT’s that she had my freshman year inspired me to want to be a SAT

  52. Madeleine Calvin said

    I am really looking forward to being in this program and helping other students!

  53. Ivan 6th said

    I’m very exicted to teach others some of my experience and skills.

  54. Kevin 6th said

    Excited to be a SaT for the semester!

  55. Byung Ki 6th said

    My science teachers told me to sign up for this class if I wanted to be a lab-assisstant for one of the science teacher. Is that okay?

  56. Meagan Hagman said

    Meagan 7th
    Im excited to be a student as teacher!

  57. Celena Lathrop said

    I would really love to help with English or French if possible! So excited for this opportunity :)

  58. Lauren 7th said

    I’m good with teaching anything but geometry- otherwise the students would end up having to teach me then!

  59. Yuval 7th said

    I’m excited to have this class this year! I would like to possibly work with a science teacher this year if that would work ;-) thanks!

  60. Madeline 8th said

    I’m really excited to get to meet new people and help out a teacher

  61. Michael Brode 8th said

    Looking forward to this course. And being a senior.

  62. James Breed said

    Can’t wait, this sounds really fun!

  63. Emily Mcphaul 8th said

    Can’t wait for this year!

  64. Haley 8th said

    My dad is also a fan of fantasy league sports, his favorite is baseball.

  65. Zongpeng Chen said

    Hello! Nice to meet you

  66. Rhiannon 8th said

    I love Mr. Earhart! He is one of my favoirte teachers and is always there for his students!

  67. Zoe 5th said

    I’m excited to be involved in SAT’s!

  68. Aidan 8th said

    Looking forward to being in your class.

  69. Alex Pearson 2nd said

    I’m so glad I took this class, It’s going to be an amazing experience!

  70. Keita 2nd said

    I enjoyed reading your “About” page.

  71. Kia p8 said

    I liked the video

  72. Sarah Nielsen 2nd said

    So excited!

  73. Elly Smith 7th said


  74. Hannah 3rd said

    So excited to start helping out!

  75. Ellen 3rd said

    Looking forward to a great semester!

  76. Britta 3rd said

    Looking forward to the year!

  77. Logan 5th said

    I’ve heard good things about SAT, and I’m glad to be a part of it!

  78. Olivia 7th said

    Looking forward to finishing high school as an SAT!

  79. Neetika 4th said

    YAY for the SAT program!

  80. Gabbie Dinglasan 4th said

    So glad I’m an SAT for my last semester!

  81. Milan 4th said

    WWII is certainly the most interesting period of history.

  82. Mina 4th said

    Can’t wait to start helping!

  83. Aaronique 6th said

    Excited to be a SAT!

  84. Aivy (6th) said

    Katrina says hi
    And YAY SAT!

  85. Katrina (6th) said

    Only 3 people in this class, glad I have Aivy. Yay SAT!

  86. Nadia 8th said

    Yay SAT!

  87. Hannah 1st said

    Can’t wait to start helping

  88. Tyson 2nd said

    Can’t wait be a SAT!

  89. Ariana 4th said

    Woo! This is going to be a fun semester. What’s your favorite section in US history to teach?

  90. Jimmy 6th said

    This is going to be very interesting!

  91. Carlos 8th said

    The link after your brother’s name did not work…

  92. Addysen 1st said

    Learned about AVID that I was unaware of! Excited to be an SAT!

  93. O'Ryah 2nd said

    I’m super excited to be an SAT this semester! Can’t wait to start. By the way what is your school email?

  94. Kedra said

    Kedra 4th

  95. Kedra 4th said

    Im so excited to be an SAT and love being in avid with my avid family

  96. Jacob said

    Candace Shaw 7th
    This will be fun!!

  97. domain said

    We stumbled over here by a different website and thought I should check things out.

    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking
    at your web page for a second time.

  98. Bailey Tribble said

    Can’t wait to be an SAT!

  99. Braden Buckman said

    This sounds awesome and can’t wait to become a part of this group. Are you a Big Mavs fan like Mr. Jones?

  100. Reece Fish said

    Interesting Background. Looking forward to this semester!

  101. Taylor Short said

    Sounds great! Looking forward to being an SAT

  102. Megan said

    Can’t wait to help people!

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